CyberCop Mark I

CyberCop (also known as Matthew MacNeil) is the future son of She-Ra and an as of yet unspecified father. in a post-apocalyptic future where Adventure Teams are outlawed and most of the originals have disbanded. CyberCop still believes in what his mother fought for with the Te Xuan Ze Adventure Crew so he fights to keep her memory alive and helping people who are weaker than others, as he once was before his cybernetic implants.


Despite being the son of one of the strongest women in the universe Matt was born with a weak frail body. when he was 14 he got in a horrible accident which left him crippled for life, the accident was so severe that only intense robotic surgery would be able to save his life. though the Te Xuan Ze Adventure Crew has been out of touch for many years She-Ra remembered how her old teammate Alex Murphy was saved from a similar near death experience. So she set out to find the blueprints to RoboCop's suit and save her son, a few weeks later the schematics arrived in the mail transporter but Adora was never seen or heard from again. Matthew was reborn with a mixture of RoboCop and Etherian technology, thus the Mark 1 CyberCop was born! and with his newly acquired powers, he fights injustice wherever it may be found. he eventually meets up with Jennifer Lee the future Te Xuan Ze and together they carry on the legacy of their parents.

Abilities & Weapons

  • Durability: The armor is made up of a strong light weight Titanium Alloy, with interlocked plates for the shell, and a chest plate protecting what's left of his Human Flesh.
    CyberCop Mark II
  • Flight: One of the armor's most important features is its ability of flight. The armor can reach speeds as Mach 3 in moments. 
  • Superhuman Strength: When inside the armor, it amplifies the user's physical strength, allowing CyberCop to lift in excess of 3 tons.
  • Lasers: A powerful weapon in the gauntlet wrists that can cut through any common metal.
  • Smart Mini-guns: Small anti-personnel guns in the shoulders that can target individual targets at once and fire at a moment's notice. It's proved to be highly effective against unarmored foot soldiers.
  • Missiles: Among the most proficient of the armor's weapon system is the missiles. The armor holds a multi-fire adhesive grenade launcher in the upper arm.


  • CyberCop first appeared in the season finale to the Juniper Lee's Adventures Series episode Enter The Justice Guardians.
  • Despite looking physically similar to the Alex Murphy RoboCop the two have no relation.
  • CyberCops suit is more powerful than RoboCops as it was made with a mix of human and etherian technology.
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