Curry Duel is an upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures Chronicles episode to be made by Ren the God of Humor and Tigerman531.


Sartyr has opened his own restuarant. After trying his meal, Jeffrey asks for the recipe to his special curry, but to have it, one must beat him in a Duel, and Xion is his opponent.



Going out to eat

Xion vs. Sartyr

  • Sartyr: I play Carrot Man in Defense Mode!!! *Carrot Man gets summoned*
  • Xion: ...? *thinks to herself* Carrot Man?
  • Scamper: Seriously? That's a Duel Monster?
  • Jeffrey: Interesting...
  • Sartyr: And next, I'll turn up the heat with a spicy Spell Card. "Curry Pot"! *Curry Pot gets played* Now instead of going to the Graveyard, all defeated monsters end up in this pot-roast.
  • Xion: Uh oh.
  • Jesse: Wait. Doesn't that mean they'll be removed from play?
  • Alexis: That's right.
  • Xion: *thinks to herself* Not good.
  • Sartyr: It's your move, señorita.
  • Xion: Okay then. *draws a card* I summon Baby Dragon in attack mode. *Baby Dragon gets summoned* Then i activate Polymerzation, fusing Baby Dragon with Alligator's Sword to form Alligator's Sword Dragon! *The two monsters merge to form Alligator's Sword Dragon* Next, i activate Fusion Weapon and equip it to Alligator's Sword Dragon, giving him an additional 1,500 attack and defense points.
  • Aqua: *smiles* Go, Xion!
  • Jeffrey: *smiles* That's my girl.
  • Tammy: Attack, big sister!!!
  • Xion: Alligator's Sword Dragon, attack Carrot Man!!
  • (Alligator's Sword Dragon attacks Carrot Man)
  • Sartyr: You're quite the assistant chef! You've just added the first ingredient to my pot-roast surprise!
  • (The carrot pieces fall in the curry pot)
  • Xion: What?!
  • Blaze: Is this guy for real?
  • DJ: *to Tammy* Did we just miss something here?
  • Tammy: My hunch says "yes".
  • DJ: Oh, boy...
  • Xion: I'll play a card face down and end my turn.
  • Sartyr: Now serving this card!! *draws a card* The scrumptious and nutrious Potato Man!!! *Potato Man is summoned*
  • Meowth: What the...?
  • AppleJack: Funny. I was expecting to see Mr. Potato Head.
  • Batty: Suddenly, I'm feeling hungry again.
  • Nails: Me too.
  • Bartok: This duel is gonna make us all hungry.
  • Sartyr: Now it's time to add some seasoning!
  • Xion: Huh? Seasoning?
  • Sartyr: I hope you like it hot! Red Pepper Spice, activate!!! *plays the Spell Card*
  • Rainbow Dash: Now what?
  • (Alligator's Sword Dragon coughs all of a sudden.)
  • Xion: Huh? What's going on?
  • Sartyr: Isn't it obvious? They're tongues are on fire! That pepper spiced up my spuds power by 300, and weakened your dragon!
  • Xion: *gasps*
  • Sartyr: Now let's show her what a root vegetable can do!!! Spud Smash!!!
  • (Potato Man gets ready to attack Alligator's Sword Dragon)
  • Xion: I activate my trap! Magical Cylinder! *Magical Cylinder is activated* If your monster tries to attack me, i can send your attack right back at you!
  • Sartyr: What?!
  • (Magical Cylinder uses it's power to have Potato Man's attack back at Sartyr)
  • (Sartyr's Life Points go from 4000 to 2800)
  • Jeffrey: So far, so good.
  • Sartyr: No matter!! I have a new ingredient!! Spell Spice Cinammon!! *plays the card*
  • Xion: Uh oh.
  • Aqua: Seriously? Cinammon on potatoes?
  • Jeffrey: He's up to something...
  • Sartyr: You know what they say: "A dash of cinammon goes a long way." Thanks to this, both our monsters switch places!! They both go to Defense mode!!
  • (Both Potato Man and Alligator's Sword Dragon are forced to Defense mode.)
  • Rainbow Dash: That's it? Putting them in defense mode?
  • Sartyr: For the final coarse I shall play this card face down and then clench my palette. *plays a card face down*
  • Xion: *thinks to herself* He's up to something. I better play my next move carefully. *speaks as she draws* Okay. I activate Pot of Greed, which lets me draw two more cards! *draws two cards* Then i summon Cyber Harpie Lady in attack mode!
  • (Cyber Harpie Lady is summoned)
  • Xion: Then i activate Cyber Shield and equip it onto Cyber Harpie Lady, giving her an additional 500 attack points!
  • Alexis: *smiles* Go for it, Xion!!!
  • Xion: Cyber Harpie Lady, attack Potato Man!
  • (Cyber Harpie Lady attacks Potato Man and it gets added to the Curry Pot)
  • DJ: Sartyr's up to something. Every time one of his monsters gets destroyed, they're added to that Curry Pot.
  • Snowflake: What it is, it's making me feel hungry again.
  • DJ: Me too.
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