Courtney and Friends learn about The Legend of Thunder is an upcoming Pokemon chronicles crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:




  • (Courtney and the Thunderbolts are at a Pokemon Center, taking a break)
  • Zak: *brushes Courtney's fur*
  • Courtney: Ahh... That feels good!


  • (Courtney and the Thunderbolts see Raikou appear from the bolt of lightning as Jimmy and Marina stare in awe from the bushes)
  • Courtney: Raikou...!
  • Kion: Hevi Kabisa!
  • Steven: That's Raikou?!
  • (Jimmy checks the Pokedex to identify Raikou and it's information)
  • Pumpkin: *whimpers as she hides behind Lapis*
  • (Suddenly, Raikou comes down from the mountains and frees Mareep and Raichu)
  • Courtney: Catch them!
  • Zak: I got Mareep! *catches it*
  • Tony: I'm dibs on Raichu! *catches it*
  • (Zak and Tony put them down safely)
  • Courtney: *to Mareep and Raichu* Go, run!
  • (Raikou and Courtney are being treated by Nurse Joy as Raikou tries to break out)
  • Nurse Joy: It's okay, Raikou.
  • (Courtney is on a stretcher while a heart monitor and oxygen mask is hooked up to her)
  • Zak: *watches in worry*
  • Twilight: Don't worry, Zak. She'll be alright.
  • Zak: I hope you're right.....
  • (A few hours later, Raikou has fallen asleep)

Marina and Courtney captured!

  • (Courtney and Marina are on the ship in the cargo hold with Raikou)
  • Courtney: *tries to break the walls of the ship down* These walls must be made of.... ugh! .....Hot glue! *runs into the walls again*
  • Marina: Courtney, please. Stop!
  • Courtney: *growls as she tries to break out*
  • Marina: Courtney!
  • Courtney: *pants* I'm sorry, Marina... I tried my best......
  • (Marina realizes that Courtney has a wound on her arm!)
  • Marina: You're hurt!
  • Courtney: It's okay, I'm fine. It's just a bruise...
  • Marina: Don't say that! *uses a potion on Courtney's wound*
  • Courtney: Man, that sure stings!
  • Marina: *wraps a bandage around the wound* There! That should do it!
  • (Raikou suddenly breaks open a panel with its hind leg to reveal some wires!)
  • Courtney: Alright! Good job, Raikou! These wires might be our ticket out of here!
  • Marina: Which ones should we pull out?
  • Courtney: Is there any red ones? It's usually the red wires!
  • (Marina pulls out the red wires as the cargo door opens!)
  • Courtney: It worked!
  • (Courtney is in a cage and Marina is tied up as the crystal powers up)
  • Marina: *muffled* Oh no! Raikou, don't come back!
  • Courtney: *to Attila and Hun* You won't get away with this, you cowards!
  • Hun: I hate to inform you but we already did!
  • Ono: *uses his keen sight to find Courtney and Marina* Kion! I found Marina and Courtney!
  • Kion: Lead the way, Ono!
  • (Back with Marina and Courtney...)
  • Courtney: Let me out! Or you'll be sorry!
  • Hun: Shut your yapper! Unless, you have something less to say.
  • Courtney: *sees Ono in the sky and gets an idea!*...! Well, I do have something to say.... Til' the Prides Lands' End!
  • Kion, Fuli, Beshte, Ono, and Bunga: Lion Guard Defend!
  • (The others shows up!)
  • Jasiri: *laughs* Surprise!
  • (Jimmy, Vincent and the Thunderbolts arrive from the car while Amethyst is shape-shifted as a helicopter, carrying Pearl, Garnet, Steven, Lapis, and Peridot)
  • Amethyst: What's up, Team Rocket... Snots?!
  • Pearl: *summons her spear*
  • Garnet: *summons her gauntlets*
  • Steven: Good one, Amethyst!
  • Vincent: You better tell me now. Where is Marina?!
  • Zak: And where's our leader?!
  • Anakin: Zak's right! Where's Courtney?!
  • Pearl: We know you have our Courtney!
  • Garnet: *holds Pearl back*
  • Amethyst: Give her up, you snots!
  • Garnet: *holds back Amethyst*
  • Amethyst: Grrrr... *barks*
  • Hun: *shows Marina tied up and Courtney in a cage* Relax, Prince Valiant. They're right here.
  • Courtney: Guys!
  • Zak: Courtney!
  • Kion: Let them go!!
  • Garnet: Gems! Get them!!!
  • (Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst charge towards Hun but Attila swipes them aside)
  • Steven: Pearl! Garnet! Amethyst!
  • Zak: *helps Pearl up* You guys okay?
  • Pearl: We're fine, Zak...
  • (Jimmy is holding Vincent back)
  • Jimmy: Now, you are going to let Marina, Courtney, and Raikou go!
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