Courtney and Friends learn about The Cokeville Miracle is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


When Courtney and the Thunderbolts were assigned by Master Yen Sid to protect the kids of Cokeville Elementary School, a man named David Young and his wife; Doris Young arrive at the school with a gasoline bomb and holds all the students and teachers hostage including the Thunderbolts! If they don't get a ransom of 2 million dollars, the bomb will be set to go off in 2 1/2 hours, killing everyone! Can Courtney and the Thunderbolts get out of the school alive before the bomb goes off? Join them on this historical adventure you'll never forget!



Evacuation of the School

  • (After the bomb goes off, a few kids are still in the classroom, hiding)
  • Anakin: Kids! Kids, can you hear us?!
  • Ahsoka: Over here! Follow the sound of our voices!
  • (The kids follow their voices and get out of the classroom through the windows as Anakin and Ahsoka help them out)
  • Anakin: Hurry! Run!
  • (In the hallway, there's a fire!)
  • Courtney: *slaps her tail at the flames* We gotta put out this fire!
  • (Courtney uses her ice element to put out the flames while the others are evacuating everyone through the front doors)
  • Megan: Hurry! Get out!
  • Rainbow Dash: Everyone, out! No time to waste!
  • (The teachers and students get out of the school, safe and sound including the Thunderbolts)
  • Courtney: Is that everybody?
  • Megan: That's everyone. All 136 kids and 18 teachers.
  • Courtney: Anyone else?
  • Rainbow Dash: All I know is that there was a gunshot heard from Room 4 and in the bathroom.
  • Courtney: Who was shot?
  • Anakin: Doris and David Young.
  • Courtney: What?! Anakin, are you sure?!
  • Anakin: I saw it with my own eyes. David Young shot his wife and then he shot himself in the bathroom.
  • Officer Jenny: That's quite the information you got there.
  • Chief Bogo: What else did Mr. Young do?
  • Courtney: You see, after the bomb went off, he shot someone named John Miller in the back when he was trying to flee. Then, he went back into the bathroom and shot himself.
  • Judy Hopps: This is strange...
  • Chief Bogo: What's strange, Hopps?
  • Judy Hopps: Why would David Young shot himself in the bathroom?
  • Courtney: I don't know... It's a mystery that remains unknown.
  • Officer Jenny: We'll investigate at once when the fire is put out and the school is rebuilt.
  • Courtney: Okay. Once you find something, report it to me or my mother immediately!
  • Officer Jenny: *salutes* Yes, your highness.
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