These are guide lines on how to defend others or yourself from bullies with your host; Courtney Elison herself! Along with some random guest stars like the Justice Guardians, the MPC, and the Rainbooms. (Notice: For those who are being bullied in real life, don't take it seriously)


  • Announcer: Coming to you live from ToonTown, It's Courtney's Guide to Bullies and here she is, everyone's favorite Golden Retriever; Courtney.... Elison!
  • Courtney: Hey, everybody! Courtney here, and today I'm gonna teach you how to defend yourself or your friends from bullies!

Report Bullying to an adult:

  • (The screen shows Xion being bullied by Cleo and her posse)
  • Courtney: If someone is bullying you or one of your friends, the best way to stop the bullying is to tell a trusted adult or a teacher you know if you or your friends are being bullied. Not take matters into your own hands.
  • Little Betty: *goes over to Jeffrey* Jeffrey! It's Xion! Cleo and her posse are picking on her!
  • Jeffrey: Where are they?
  • Little Betty: Follow me! I'll show you! *leads Jeffrey to Xion, who is being bullied by Cleo and her posse*
  • Courtney: See? Little Betty did the right thing by telling someone. Remember, ALWAYS tell someone if you're being bullied. The next time you'll meet anyone like Cleo and her posse, it will have to be In a Nightmare. Am I right, folks?
  • (The audience laughs)

Taking Matters into your own hands or paws though (The wrong way to deal with bullies)

  • (The screen shows Fang picking on DJ and Tammy)
  • Courtney: Look at this! Fang is bullying DJ and his sister Tammy. But, watch what Eclipse does when she takes matters into her own hands. Or paws...
  • (Eclipse walks up to Fang as she stands behind DJ and Tammy)
  • Fang: What do you want?!
  • Eclipse: Cut it out, Fang! You're not being fair, what did DJ and Tammy do to you?!
  • Fang: Nothing really except foiling with Set's plans along with their "family".
  • Eclipse: *growls angrily* What did you say, punk?!
  • Fang: You heard me! Xion is not even the same species as those two sabertooth losers!
  • (Eclipse immediately punched Fang angrily in the face after what he said about DJ and Tammy and their family)
  • Eclipse: Next time, you say something about my friends that way... You're gonna get the beat down of your life!
  • Courtney: What Eclipse did was unacceptable! She would've told a trusted adult or a Police Officer about Fang bullying DJ and Tammy. That punch she gave Fang resulted her in consequences such as being sent to her room back in the Diamond Domain, grounded for a week, and no electronics for a week.
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