Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- The Grimm Reaper is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.




Arriving in Argus

  • Ruby: The city? Wait...
  • (Ruby looks to her Scroll, her contact name for Jaune being "Vomit Boy". She looks at the little signal symbol under Jaune's portrait, watching it get better as she points her Scroll toward the road ahead. The group sees a hill where the snow ends. Yang proceeds forward to drive them up the hill. At the top of the hill, the group sees a walled city in the distance along the ocean)
  • Yang: *smiles* Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived in Argus.
  • (Later on, the group is seen traveling through the city on a trolley)
  • Yang: It's a lot bigger than I thought it'd be.
  • Ren: It's actually one of the largest non-capital cities in all of Remnant.
  • Ruby: *gasps* No way! But wait, wouldn't it be harder to settle something this big away from the main Kingdom?
  • Jaune: Well, it was, until Mantle showed up. Early settlement attempts by Mistral didn't go well. But colonists from Mantle were able to help them brave the cold climate and return for goods that Solitas couldn't provide.
  • Ren: The two nations worked together to create a hybrid city. While it falls under Mistral domain, Atlas keeps a military presence here to help keep the people safe and keep trade between the two nations steady.
  • Nora: Well, until recently...
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