Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- The First Step is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.




Preparing for Initiation

  • (Ren heads out while a skipping Nora follows, passing Ruby Rose, Courtney Elison, and Yang Xiao Long as they are busy readying themselves)
  • Ruby: Wonder what those two are so worked up about?
  • Yang: Oh, who knows? So, you seem awfully chipper this morning!
  • Courtney: *sharpens her sword and examines it before sharpening it again*
  • (An announcement on the intercom comes on)
  • Glynda (voice only): Would all first-year students please report to Beacon Cliff for initiation? Again, all first-year students report to Beacon Cliff immediately.
  • (Weiss passes Jaune as he hangs from the wall of a locker on her way out. Pyrrha follows her, grabbing her spear and dropping Jaune to the ground)
  • Pyrrha: It was nice meeting you!
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