Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- The Emerald Forest, Pt. 2 is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.




Courtney snaps at Ruby and Weiss

  • (Ruby Rose and Courtney are sitting in the grass and picking stray leaves while their "partner" Weiss Schnee walks in random directions)
  • Weiss: *walks to the right* It's definitely this way. *stops and starts walking left* I mean... this way! It's definitely this way.
  • Courtney: *sighs and rolls her eyes*
  • Weiss: *stops in front of Ruby and Courtney* Alright, it's official: We passed it.
  • Ruby: *stands up, annoyed* Weiss, why can't you just admit that you have no idea where we're going?
  • Courtney: Yeah. We don't even have a map.
  • Weiss: Because I know exactly where we're going! We're going... to... the forest temple!
  • Ruby: *sighs in frustration*
  • Weiss: Oh, stop it! You don't know where we are, either!
  • Ruby: Well, at least I'm not pretending like I know everything.
  • Weiss: What is that supposed to mean?
  • Ruby: It means you're a big, stupid jerk and I hate you!
  • Weiss: *sighs to herself, turns around and walks in another direction* Just keep moving!
  • Ruby: *imitating Weiss* Oh, just keep moving! Hurry up! Waaaah! Watch where you're going! *in a normal voice* Why are you so bossy?
  • Weiss: *turns back around to face Ruby* I'm not bossy! Don't say things like that!
  • Ruby: Stop treating me like a kid!
  • Weiss: Stop acting like a kid!
  • Ruby: Well, stop acting like you're perfect!
  • Weiss: I'm. Not. Perfect!
  • Courtney: *angrily as her eyes turn into King Sombra's* QUIET!! Both of you!!! You know how lucky it is to have friends to fight with?! My adoptive family is gone all because of Xehanort and Vanitas! So, stop bickering around like little kids and let's get going!
  • Weiss: Fine... But, I'm still leagues better than you. *continues to walk away*
  • Ruby: *to herself, dejectedly* You don't even know me...
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