Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- No Brakes is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.




Yang and Courtney vs Neo

  • (Down below, Yang, Weiss, Courtney, and Blake enter the train car)
  • Yang: I guess this is what we trained for.
  • (Weiss reaches into her pouch and gives Blake a magazine filled with Dust vials)
  • Weiss: Here, this should help you.
  • (Blake slides the mag into Gambol Shroud, and then the four of them charge forward. Suddenly, Neopolitan drops from the ceiling and blocks their path)
  • Yang: You two go on ahead. This one's mine.
  • Courtney: Make that two!
  • (Yang and Courtney's fight is still going badly and soon ends when Neo manages to throw them into the ceiling, knocking them unconscious. Neo turns around to approach Yang and Courtney...)
  • (Meanwhile, Neo is seen pulling a hidden blade from within her umbrella and approaching the unconscious Yang as Courtney rubs her head in pain and gets up as Neo points her blade at her)
  • Courtney: *gasps and whimpers fearfully*
  • (She prepares to deal the finishing blow, grinning sadistically while doing so)
  • Courtney: *yelps in fear as she covers herself*
  • (Suddenly, a masked warrior - raven-haired and clad in red and black - comes out of nowhere and knocks Neo back. Neo's eyes change from brown and pink to white, mirroring her fearful expression. The mysterious swordswoman slowly draws her sword again - long and crimson red - and holds it up intimidatingly. Neo, realizing the imminent threat before her, wastes no time and disappears in a flash. The swordswoman looks down at the still unconscious Yang, and slashes her sword to the side, opening an eerie red portal. She walks away from Yang and into the portal. At that moment, Yang regains some consciousness and slowly gets back up. As she opens her eyes again, she gets a brief glimpse at her rescuer before the woman disappears. Yang rubs her head, still reeling after just regaining consciousness, before standing up and leaving the scene with Courtney)
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