Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- Mountain Glenn is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.




Ruby and Courtney captured

  • (Ruby and Courtney land on a building up against a cavern wall, and as she gets up, a nearby door bursts open to reveal two other WF Guards, one of whom is Perry)
  • WF Guard: Freeze!
  • WF Guard 2: Where did she come from?
  • (As the WF Guards walk forward, Ruby backs away only to end up on the very edge of the platform)
  • Courtney: *looks over the edge* Whoa!
  • WF Guard: You're a long way from home, little girl.
  • (Ruby reaches back for her scythe, only to realize that she doesn't have it. Both guards approach her, and one of them grabs her arm)
  • Ruby: Hey! Hands off! *jerks her arm out of the guard's hand and starts punching him*
  • (It has very little effect, and he punches her in the face hard enough to knock her down)
  • Courtney: Ruby!
  • (The guard punches Courtney in the face hard enough to knock her down as well)
  • WF Guard: The boss is gonna want to see this one...
  • (The guard kicks her in the head hard enough to knock her out. Same for Courtney who barks in pain after getting knocked out)
  • (Ruby awakes to the two WF Guards who caught her dragging her by both arms and dragging Courtney by the scruff through the underground city)
  • Courtney: *groans in pain and wakes up* Where am I? *looks around*
  • (All around Ruby, White Fang members are at work, doing various things such as piloting a Paladin to carry large shipping containers. There is a loud sound nearby as one of the White Fang members drops a large device)
  • WF Guard 3: Hey, be careful! What are you trying to do, blow us to the moon?
  • WF Guard 4: Sorry sir!
  • Perry: Hey boss! Found something you might want to see!
  • Roman: *inside of a railcar* Is it good or bad, Perry? Because let me tell ya, I have had a day.
  • Perry: Uh, it's a little girl and a dog?
  • Roman: *leans out through the doorway and sees Ruby and Courtney* That would be bad.
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