Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- Haven's Fate is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.



  • Courtney meeting Salem is a reference of the My Little Pony comic: A Somber Meeting.


Courtney meets Salem

  • (Courtney heads into Lionheart's office to find Lionheart)
  • Courtney: Professor! Where are you? *hears ominous clicking noises and looks up to see a Seer* Huh?
  • (The red smoke-like substance contained in the head of the Seer Grimm shifts to form an image of Salem)
  • Salem: At last, we meet face to face.... Courtney Elison.
  • Courtney: So, you're Salem.... And it's Princess Courtney Elison to you!
  • Salem: My apologies. It seems I wasn't invited to your ceremony. I must say you look smaller in person but your title is somewhat overwhelming for someone of your stature.
  • Courtney: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Salem: I simply meant no offense, my dear. It's just... Why be a princess? When you can be a queen? *summons a dark crown*
  • Courtney: W-What?
  • Salem: Back when you first used your dark powers, you took to it like a fish to water but you nearly scratched the surface. There's so much you don't know, but I can teach you how to control your dark powers once you side with me. We're not so different, you and I... We-
  • Courtney: Stop right there, Salem!
  • Salem: What?
  • Courtney: You're just trying to say that we're not so different from each other so you can convince me to join your side! Well, let me tell you, "your highness", we are NOTHING alike! I earned my friends, my title, and my crown! You took what you want by force for your own selfish gain! *flies up to the Seer's height to look directly at Salem* I got to where I am through love and friendship! You tried to get what you want through fear and violence! You're not my equal, you're not even a real queen. You're just a cliché bad guy from a mediocre fantasy book.
  • Salem: *dispels the dark crown* So, I'm just a cliché bad guy? From a mediocre fantasy book? Well... you won't mind if I introduce a PLOT TWIST?!
  • (The Seer's tentacles wrap around Courtney's front paws and throat to choke her. The Seer Grimm slowly brings the point of another tentacle close to her face)
  • Salem: Final Chapter: Scene One. The evil queen kills the little protagonist, fade to black. End scene.... How's that for a change, princess?
  • (Courtney gets so angry that her eyes turn into King Sombra's and uses her powers to whip the Seer's tentacles off of her)
  • Courtney: *falls to the ground and pants*

Team CRWBY reunited

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