Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- Extracurricular is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.



  • Varian is indirectly mentioned in this by Courtney.


Concerned for Blake

  • Blake: *offscreen* You what?
  • (The scene shifts to Team CRWBY in their dorm room. Blake is sitting with her arms crossed)
  • Ruby: We want you to go to the dance.
  • Blake: That's ridiculous.
  • Yang: Blake, we're worried about you. This investigation is starting to mess with your head.
  • Weiss: *counting the facts on her fingers* You can't sleep, you hardly eat, and to be honest, your grades have been suffering.
  • Blake: You think I care about grades? *shrugs and then gestures out the window* People's lives are at stake!
  • (Yang puts her hand on Blake's, lowering it)
  • Yang: We know, and we're all still trying to figure out what Torchwick is up to.
  • Ruby: Thanks to you and Sun, we know they're operating somewhere outside of southeast Vale.
  • Weiss: And, the Schnee company records singled out Vale as the primary target for Dust robberies over the last few months.
  • Yang: Don't forget about their missing military tech too.
  • Blake: But there's still unanswered questions!
  • Courtney: Blake, I know how you feel. The White Fang did terrible things in the past and you've seen 'em first hand. I feel the same way when somebody mentions Varian.... But, you can't let consume you! You have to know what's really important. Family, friends, protecting our home.
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