Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- Dread in the Air is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.




Meeting with Salem

  • Salem: Cinder, you and your team will meet with Doctor Watts, and together, convince Raven Branwen that the survival of her people depends on her cooperation. Once you have Spring under control, escort her to the Relic and contact Hazel. The White Fang was promised the destruction of Haven, and they'll have it once we have what we need.
  • Watts: Understood.
  • Salem: Not you, Arthur. Tyrian's in need of a new tail.
  • Watts: What happened to his old one?
  • Cinder: Guess.
  • Watts: The silver-eyed girl?
  • Salem: Not quite. It was her little friend.
  • Watts: How sweet. The silver-eyed girl has a little friend.
  • Salem: And not just any friend, she's the Legendary Golden Retriever.
  • Watts: Impossible! I thought they were extinct thousands of years ago.
  • Salem: Not all of them. Some are still alive to this day... She's also the daughter of Princess Celestia.
  • (Cinder looks stern and grunts as acknowledgement)
  • Watts: It will be done.
  • Salem: Good.
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