Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- Downfall is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.




Courtney healed

  • (Meanwhile, Nora Valkyrie is seen holding Magnhild up defensively protecting Jaune Arc, who is still healing Courtney)
  • Nora: You guys doing okay?
  • Jaune: I- I think so. She's coming to. I just wish this would go faster.
  • Nora: How about you don't complain and just be thankful you unlocked your Semblance when you did.
  • Jaune: My Semblance?
  • Nora: How else do you think you're healing her, dummy?
  • (Jaune stares back at her in disbelief before looking back down at Courtney)
  • Jaune: No. I don't think I'm healing her. Our Aura heals our bodies. It feels... it feels more like I'm using my Aura to amplify hers!
  • Nora: Wait, aren't you worried about running out?
  • Jaune: Pyrrha once told me I've got a lot of it. I still believe her.
  • (Suddenly, Courtney opens her eyes, stirring)
  • Weiss: Courtney?!
  • Courtney: *groans as she sees Weiss and Jaune* Weiss? Jaune?
  • (Nora smiles before standing guard again. Meanwhile, Lie Ren is seen taking on Hazel Rainart, who punches the former back into the wall. Hazel then launches an electrical charge from his lightning-Dust enhanced arm, electrocuting Ren, causing him to scream in pain before falling to the ground)
  • Nora: REN!
  • Jaune: Go! We've got her!
  • (Nora nods at him before proceeding forward)
  • Courtney: What happened...?
  • Jaune: You took a heavy hit, you need to stay with me while the others fight.
  • Courtney: Okay.... *sighs in relief*
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