Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- Dance Dance Infiltration is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.




Courtney and Ruby chase down Cinder

  • (Ruby, having made her way to the exit, walks out of the dance and into the night air with Courtney. She watches a figure running along the rooftops)
  • Courtney: *sees the figure and gasps* A cat burglar!
  • (Ruby and Courtney pursue the figure)

Courtney and Ruby vs Cinder

  • (Ruby steps out of the elevator slowly, brandishing her weapon along with Courtney)
  • Ruby: Hello? *stumbles due to her high-heeled shoes* Is anyone there? Hello?
  • Courtney: *sniffs around for the figure*
  • (Cinder rises from her hiding place and steps out toward Ruby and Courtney)
  • Ruby: Excuse me? You know, it's not a masquerade party, so why don't you take off that-!
  • (Cinder produces a container of ice Dust and sends shards of ice flying at Ruby)
  • Courtney: Look out!
  • Ruby: *twirls Crescent Rose to block the shards and starts firing bullets at Cinder*
  • Cinder: *blocks the shots with her aura*
  • (Suddenly, Ruby accidentally steps on Courtney's tail with her high heels)
  • Courtney: Ouch! Watch it, Ruby!
  • (Courtney's Dimensional Scream ability activates! She sees an unknown woman in an airship blocking Ruby's shots as the Dimensional Scream ends)
  • Courtney: *shakes her head* What was that?!
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