Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- Burning the Candle is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.




The Beacon Dance

  • (The sight of the lonely, abandoned rose turns into a large collection of the same flowers, one dropping outward, in a large vase behind Yang, now in a short white dress with black heels as she stands at a podium. The doors in front of her open and she flips out upon seeing who walks in)
  • Yang: Ooohh, you look beautiful!
  • Ruby: *groans as she looks distressed in her red dress with black lace, belt, and pumps* Can we have a serious talk about how Weiss fights in these? *tries to maintain her balance as she walks to the podium, much to her laughing sister's amusement*
  • Courtney: *walks in through the doors in a beautiful pink Belle dress* Hey, girls!
  • Yang: Hey, Courtney! Nice dress!
  • Courtney: Thanks, Yang. *twirls in her dress* Rarity designed it just for me.
  • (Inside the ballroom, streamers are hung through glass chandeliers, pink and blue balloons are everywhere, and students in dark suits and bright dresses are stepping with each other to the music between the white-clothed tables. Blake is spun around by Yang before they curtsey to one another, and Sun comes up and takes his date's hands as Yang gestures for him to do so. She goes to hang with Ruby, Courtney, and Weiss (in a similar white dress as Yang's) in the back of the room, watching Blake laugh and enjoy herself before smiling at her team)
  • Yang: I told you she would come.
  • Weiss: Mission accomplished.
  • Ruby: *turning to her teammates* Soooo, what do we do now?
  • Yang: Just have fun! *proceeds to walk away and do so, with Weiss going the opposite direction and leaving Ruby behind*
  • Courtney: Hey! Wait for me! It ain't a party without Courtney! *runs over to join in the dance*
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