Courtney's Adventures of RWBY- Best Day Ever is an upcoming crossover series to be made by PuppyPower32.




Food Fight!

  • (Sun and Neptune enter the cafeteria where students are heard screaming)
  • Beacon Student: Food fight!
  • (Many students are shown stampeding out the door past Sun and Neptune, the latter of whom is looking quite worried)
  • Nora: *laughs*
  • (Team JNPR are shown to be standing atop a tower of tables stacked in a ramshackle manner)
  • Nora: *singy-songy* I'm queen of the castle! I'm queen of the castle!
  • Ruby: *stomps her foot on the table and points at Team JNPR* Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! *crushes a milk carton* It will be delicious!
  • Team CRWBY: *raising their fists simultaneously* Yeah!
  • Nora: *jumps off her tower* Off with their heads!
  • (Team JNPR toss some watermelons at them)
  • Courtney: Incoming watermelons!
  • Ruby: Yang! Turkey!
  • (Yang rolls over to the turkeys and sticks her fists inside them, proceeding to block and punch the melons as they speed towards her)
  • (The doors behind Sun and Neptune open and Glynda enters the room growling)
  • Courtney: *sees Glynda* Uh oh! Party's over!
  • (She proceeds to use telekinesis to re-organize the room)
  • Glynda: Children, please. *adjusts her glasses* Do not play with your food!
  • (Nora burps aloud as both Teams JNPR and CRWBY try and fail to compose themselves. A screaming Yang then crashes from the ceiling into one of the tables)
  • Courtney: *apologetic* We're sorry, Professor Goodwitch.... We were just having some fun.
  • (Glynda grumbles. Ozpin approaches and places a hand on her shoulder)
  • Ozpin: Let it go.
  • Glynda: *sighs* They're supposed to be the defenders of the world.
  • Ozpin: And they will be, but right now they're still children.
  • (Team CRWBY are seen laughing together)
  • Ozpin: So why not let them play the part? *walks away from Glynda* After all, it isn't a role they'll have forever.
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