Courtney's Adventures of Pup Star is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


Courtney and the the Thunderbolts travel to Chicago and meet Yorkshire Terrier named Tiny and her owner; Lou. After Courtney and Tiny end up in the pound and separated from Lou and the others, they escape with a grouchy dog named Charlie and travel to New Orleans, Nashville, and New Jersey. Courtney and Tiny have to make it to New York to win the Pup Star Finals while being chased by Roland and Kano the Bounty Hunter.



Escaping from the Pound

  • (Courtney and Tiny jump into the hole and get out)
  • Courtney: Alright! We're out!
  • Tiny: Mr. Charlie, wait! We're coming too!
  • Courtney: *notices Roland!* Uh oh! Let's run for it!

Exposing Bark

  • Puglay: My name is not Pugly! It's Michael Puglay! I cannot back up a bad dog, but I can back up Tiny, Charlie, and Courtney. They're all telling the truth.
  • Bark: Be quiet, you talentless halfwit! You have no proof!
  • Emily Rose: But, I do!
  • Bark: What is going on here?!
  • Emily Rose: I have the footage to prove it. Hit it, Sally!
  • (The footage shows Charlie and Bark singing)
  • Emily Rose: Bark is a thief and a copycat!
  • Simon Growl: Bark is sticky wickles.
  • Rover: Bark, it pleased me to say you're disqualified from Pup Star!
  • Judy: Not to mention, you're under arrest!
  • Courtney: Judy! Nick!
  • Bark: For what charges?!
  • Judy: Oh, I don't know... maybe illegally stealing someone else's copyright to cheat your way through Pup Star, hiring Kano the Bounty Hunter and Roland to capture Charlie, and not to mention illegal kidnapping of our two contestants! You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law!
  • Nick: I should say, Bark. You should have your own inspirational greeting cards.
  • (Judy, Nick, and the Doberman security guards take Bark away)
  • Lady Paw-Paw: Charlie, was it? We'd be totally honored if you come back next season.
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