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Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- Xeris is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


The Thunderbolts help Talia recover a medallion that belonged to her older sister; Izira.


  • Finder will guest star in this episode.
  • Courtney will explain the meaning of “Ohana” to the princesses in this episode.
  • END CREDITS SONG: Somewhere Out There (Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram)


Prologue: Mountain Chase

  • (The princesses, the Thunderbolts and Amaru were running from Mephisto and Praxina in the mountains)
  • Zak: *finds a jackhammer, to Courtney* Come on! Let’s ride!
  • Courtney: *jumps on the jackhammer*
  • Zak: They’ll never catch us on this automatic pogo stick! *gets on the jackhammer*
  • (They ride on the jackhammer as it vibrates after turning it on)
  • Zak: P-p-p-pogo s-s-stick?! This is a j-j-jackhammer!
  • (Zak and Courtney laugh as the jackhammer goes up the mountain wall and they’re upside down in midair)
  • Ahsoka: Courtney!
  • Twilight: Zak!
  • Lee Clark: Look out!!
  • Mephisto: *looks up to see Zak and Courtney upside down on the jackhammer in midair* Wha?!
  • (Zak and Courtney scream as they let go of the jackhammer and fall)
  • Mephisto: *dodges the jackhammer*
  • Zak and Courtney: Whoa!! *bounces off Mephisto’s shoulders as they land on the ground and run for it*

The truth about the medallion and Talia’s family

  • (It was starting to rain as the princesses and the Thunderbolts come back to the spot on Amaru where Talia lost the medallion)
  • Talia: *jumps off Amaru and lands on the ground* I need to get that medallion back! *runs off to search for it*
  • Iris: *covers herself from the rain* Talia, talk to us, why is that medallion so important?
  • Courtney: Yeah, Talia. You’ve been keeping secrets from us this WHOLE time! We want the truth!
  • Auriana: *uses a crystal shield as an umbrella* She's just worried that her super-secret millionaire boyfriend will be mad that she lost his present.
  • Talia: *yells* I DON’T HAVE A SECRET BOYFRIEND!!
  • Auriana: *gasps*
  • Talia: I don't have a kingdom! I don't have a family! It's gone! It's all gone! And it's all my fault! *sobs* I've lost everything!
  • Young Talia: *sheds some tears and sobs*
  • Talia: *voiceover* That day, everything changed...
  • (The flashback ends and shows that it stopped raining)
  • Talia: I vowed to change my ways. I became disciplined and focused, and volunteered to come find you, Iris, to defeat Gramorr.
  • Iris: The medallion was your sister's magical gem, to help her transform?
  • Talia: Yes. Without it, her power was greatly weakened. It was why my family was defeated by Gramorr.
  • Iris: What happened to them?
  • Talia: I don't know. They could be anywhere. The medallion is the only thing I had that could have led me to them.
  • Iris: Then, we’ve got to get it back!
  • Courtney: Yeah!
  • Talia: I'm moved that you care so much, but...
  • Iris: *grabs her hand* Talia, we care because we're your family, too.
  • Courtney: Yeah, Ohana.
  • Talia: Ohana? What does that mean? *gets down to Courtney’s height*
  • Courtney: *to Talia* Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind...
  • Zak: Or forgotten.

Experiment 458 (Finder)

  • Iris: So, how about we cast a spell to find that medallion?
  • Auriana: I think this calls for a little Cristalocatum!
  • Courtney: *dubbed as Louis the Alligator* Wait!! I’ve got a better idea!
  • Zak: Let’s hear it, Courtney.
  • Courtney: Let’s use Experiment 458 a.k.a Finder!
  • Iris: Finder?
  • Finder: *shows up and honks*
  • Courtney: Finder can find anything that’s lost or missing. Watch! *draws a picture of Izira’s medallion in the dirt with a stick* Can you help us find this medallion? It means so much to Talia.
  • Finder: *nods yes and sniffs around for the medallion as he runs off*
  • Courtney: He’s got the scent! Let’s go! *runs after Finder*
  • (The Thunderbolts, the princesses, and Amaru follow Finder)

Fight for the medallion

  • (The twins were somewhere in the mountains with the medallion)
  • Praxina: *holding the medallion* Why would a piece of jewelry scare the Grand Wizard of Chaos?
  • Mephisto: *makes a fake medallion with his magic* Because it's not a piece of jewelry. It flattened us when Talia said those words.
  • Praxina: Did you hear the words she spoke?
  • Mephisto: Uh, it was something like, "By the power of Ezra."
  • Praxina: *gasps in relization* Izira! Her sister’s name! This belongs to her. Maybe, we can use it to defeat the princesses.
  • Iris: Or you can give it back!
  • Praxina: Huh?
  • Iris: And not get a crystal smackdown!
  • Iris, Talia, and Auriana: Together fighting harm with crystal charm!
  • Courtney: ‘Til the Pride Lands end...
  • Little Betty and Eclipse: Lion Guard defend!!
  • Talia: *uses her magic to summon crystals*
  • (The twins dodge the crystals and get to higher ground)
  • Mephisto: *holding the fake medallion* Looking for this, Talia?
  • Courtney: *growls at Mephisto*
  • Talia: *groans and summons her wand* Wand Of Xeris! *charges towards Mephisto as Courtney follows her* Crystal Scala! *makes her way up to Mephisto and begins to fight him*
  • Courtney: *barks at Mephisto, trying to get the medallion back for Talia*
  • Mephisto: *gets to higher ground*
  • Talia: If you like having fingers, you will give that back to me!
  • Mephisto: *teasingly* Ooh, a threat! What’s so special about this? Sentimental value?
  • Talia: Give it back!!
  • Courtney: *unsheathes her claws* Agata!!! *charges towards Mephisto, angrily*
  • (They charge towards Mephisto and fight him as he flies higher and Talia uses her magic to help her get higher)
  • Mephisto: Missed me!
  • Praxina: *whispers* It’s working, keep taunting her!
  • Talia: *growls and fires a crystal at them*
  • Courtney: *fires an electricity breath at them*
  • (They dodge the attacks)
  • Mephisto: *to Praxina* Why don’t you taunt her?!
  • Iris: *fires a crystal boomerang at Mephisto* Crystal Capto!
  • (The medallion gets knocked out of Mephisto’s hand as Iris catches it)
  • Iris: Looking for this? Oopsie. *gives it to Talia*
  • Praxina: *whispers* They can’t get that medallion back! Gramorr will be furious we didn’t destroy it!
  • (They fire their magic at them)
  • Auriana: *gasps* Crystarmum! *uses her magic to shield off the attacks as the others run* You guys are totally weaker. What happened to your other way better powers?
  • Mephisto: Yeah, that was kind of a one-time spell and when-
  • Praxina: Quiet, fool! This isn’t a social hour!
  • Mephisto: I know that! *flies after the others* But, sometimes a little distraction works! *fires his magic at Talia’s hand*
  • (The medallion gets knocked out of her hand and it knocks Courtney off as well)
  • Courtney: *screams*
  • Talia: *holds her hand in pain*
  • (Mephisto catches the medallion and Courtney by the scruff)
  • Mephisto: Gotcha!
  • Iris: *gasps*
  • Talia: *fires a crystal at Mephisto as it cuts his arm*
  • Mephisto: Ow! *releases his grip on Courtney as he holds his arm*
  • Courtney: *screams after being released*