The Birth

Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- The Birthday is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


After receiving a mysterious music box that gives her dreams, Iris has a dream about the location of an oracle gem! But, will she miss her Aunt Ellen’s birthday to retrieve it?



Courtney and Iris captured!

  • (Courtney and Iris enter the abandoned house and head upstairs to find the oracle gem, sitting on the table)
  • Courtney: There it is! Grab it and let’s get outta here. This place gives me the creeps...
  • Iris: *walks over to the table to grab the oracle gem*
  • (Suddenly, the door closes behind them!)
  • Iris: *gasps*
  •  ???: Welcome, Iris.
  • (Some black crystals cage them!)
  • Courtney: We’re trapped!
  • (The twins appear as Iris notices them)
  • Praxina: We have someone who wants to speak to you.
  • (The twins laugh evilly)
  • Courtney: *whimpers in fear as her ears drop down in fear*
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