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Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- Super Cute Kitten is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


Courtney and Amaru get jealous when the princesses adopt an adorable kitten. But, none of them realize that their new pet is stealing magic from them.


  • Courtney says a Tails bit from “Sonic Says- 911”


Courtney’s idea/Ambushed!

  • (Bogan goes downstairs as Amaru watches him)
  • Courtney: I know how you feel, Amaru. You’re not the only one who is jealous of that furball. *sees a umbrella bucket and gets an idea* Hey, Amaru! Listen! *whispers into his ear*
  • Amaru: *chuckles* Ah-ha! *smiles mischievously*
  • Courtney: Got That?
  • Amaru: *nods yes*
  • Courtney: *looks down the stairs* He’s going downstairs. Let him have it!
  • (Bogan was just walking at the bottom of the stairs until Amaru puts the umbrella bucket on top of him, trapping him)
  • Amaru: *chuckles*
  • Bogan: *snarls*
  • Courtney: We got him! Let’s push him out to the docks!
  • (Amaru pushes the umbrella bucket out to the docks while Courtney is sitting on top of the bucket to prevent Bogan from escaping)
  • Bogan: *snarls*
  • Courtney: Try all you want, kitty cat! You can’t get out that easily!
  •  ???: I hope you’re not trying to harm our kitty.
  • (The twins show up and laugh evilly)
  • Courtney: The twins!
  • Amaru: *gasps*
  • (The bucket shakes as it rises)
  • Courtney: *falls off the bucket* Whoa! Oof!
  • (A scary shadow looms over them as Amaru and Courtney cower in fear while the twins laugh evilly. The shadow disappears as the bucket falls off the docks and into the water after Bogan escaped)
  • Amaru: Huh?
  • Courtney: Hey! Where’d he go?
  • (Bogan appears near the stairs as Praxina lands beside him)
  • Praxina: Oh, we understand. It’s hard when you’re not the favorite anymore.
  • (Mephisto appears behind them)
  • Courtney: We’re surrounded, Amaru! Call 911!
  • Praxina: Don’t worry. *uses her magic* We’ve got a spell that will fix all your problems.
  • Amaru: *whimpers in fear*
  • Courtney: Uh oh!
  • Praxina: Amatere Notitia! *casts the spell on them*
  • Amaru: *exclaims*
  • Courtney: *screams*
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