Step Right Up

Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- Step Right Up is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


The Thunderbolts and the princesses have some fun at the carnival with three girls; Olivia, Rose, and Belina from Tweed’s Orphanage. But, Mephisto and Praxina infiltrate the carnival and give them enchanted stuffed animals!


  • Courtney will act defensively around a disguised Mephisto and Praxina in this episode.


The carnival/Ball toss game

  • (The Thunderbolts, the princesses, and the girls enjoy the carnival)
  • Iris: *sees a photo booth and gets an idea!* Hey, I have an idea! How about we get a picture with all six of us!
  • (The girls are unsure about that)
  • Rose: I'd like a picture with just you and me, Iris.
  • Olivia: Yeah, I want one with me and Auriana.
  • Belina: I'd rather not. Unless it's with Talia.
  • Iris: Okay, maybe we'll look for something else the whole group can do together.
  • Praxina: Step right up! Step right up!
  • Everyone: Huh?
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