Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- Puppylove is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


Amaru befriends a cute little dog by the name of Snowflake and mysteriously disappear along Courtney, Eclipse, Little Betty and Pikachu! Turns out, Mephisto and Praxina are the ones behind their disappearances!



Kidnapped and Ambushed

  • (Amaru, Courtney, Eclipse, Little Betty, and Pikachu are searching for Snowflake until they heard someone laughing!)
  • Pikachu: *points to Mephisto and Praxina who have Snowflake!* Pika!
  • (Amaru exclaims as the twins hear him)
  • Amaru: *growls angrily and charges towards them with Courtney, Eclipse, Little Betty, and Pikachu*
  • (The twins disappear in a cloud of smoke)
  • Courtney: Hey! Where’d they go?!
  • Amaru: *looks around until he hears Mephisto‘s laugh*
  • (The twins appear on the roof with Snowflake)
  • Pikachu: *points to the roof* Pika!
  • Praxina: *giggles evilly*
  • Gramorr: *appears* I didn’t send you to Earth to collect useless, fluffy friends! Get rid of that thing and oh, here’s an idea... GET RID OF THE PRINCESSES TOO!!
  • (Amaru was carrying Snowflake and the others while flying by a warehouse)
  • Courtney: Great job, Amaru! We lost them!
  • (The twins appear in front of Amaru)
  • Courtney: Or not.
  • Amaru: *jumps over the twins*
  • Mephisto: *fires some crystals at Amaru’s muzzle*
  • Amaru: *neighs in pain as he drops Snowflake*
  • Courtney: Snowflake!
  • Snowflake: *whimpers as she falls*
  • Praxina: *catches Snowflake and laughs evilly*
  • (Amaru neighs as he and the others crash into some boxes)
  • Praxina: What goes around, comes around and goes around again. *holds Snowflake as she whimpers and laughs evilly*
  • (Amaru breaks the black crystals around Snowflake as she stands up)
  • Courtney: You okay, Snowflake?
  • (Snowflake opens her eyes to reveal that she’s an imposter!)
  • Amaru, Courtney, Eclipse, Little Betty, and Pikachu: *gasps*
  • (The imposter Snowflake stands back as a black magic symbol appears beneath them!)
  • Amaru: *exclaims in fear*
  • (Some black magic ribbons grab Amaru, Courtney, Eclipse, Little Betty, and Pikachu and tie them up. Courtney, Eclipse, and Little Betty are tied up to each other)
  • Amaru: *tries to get free and looks up to see the imposter Snowflake*
  • (The imposter Snowflake’s eyes glow red!)
  • Amaru, Courtney, Eclipse, Little Betty, and Pikachu: *gasp in shock*
  • (Mephisto and Praxina appear and approach them)
  • Praxina: Oh, do I sense a broken heart in the room?
  • Courtney: *her ears drop down and shakes in fear*
  • (The twins stand over them)
  • Mephisto: You are a genius, Praxina! A plan has never come together so well before.
  • Praxina: The brave little furry thing thought he was the hero! *laughs maniacally along with Mephisto*

The fight

  • (The Thunderbolts and the princesses stand off against the twins and their dog monster in the battle arena)
  • (The dog monster appears behind Amaru and the others)
  • Courtney: Uh oh!
  • Snowflake: *barks*
  • (The dog monster hits Amaru and the others aside)
  • Everyone: *gasps*
  • (Amaru turns back after getting hit aside)
  • Pikachu: Pika! *lands next to Amaru, Courtney, Eclipse, and Little Betty*
  • Ash: Pikachu!
  • Zak: Amaru!
  • Anakin: Girls!
  • Praxina: *laughs evilly*
  • Snowflake: *growls and runs towards them*
  • (The twins appear in front of Snowflake)
  • Courtney: Snowflake, watch out!
  • Snowflake: *stops in her tracks and yips as Praxina picks her up by the collar*
  • Praxina: *laughs evilly* We might not have Amaru, but we have his little friend!
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