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Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- Loli-Lime Sublime is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


When an eclipse interferes with the princesses powers, they learn that a rival is stealing customers from the smoothie bar that Nathaniel works at! Meanwhile, Courtney, Eclipse, and Little Betty think they have the library all to themselves with no supervision


  • Some references from the 101 Dalmatians episode; Lord of the Termites is shown in this episode.


Prologue: The library

  • (The princesses and the rest of the Thunderbolts were in the library)
  • (Courtney, Eclipse, and Little Betty run around the library, chasing each other)
  • Courtney, Eclipse, and Little Betty: *barking while chasing each other, unaware they were knocking some books over*
  • Talia: Girls! Knock it off! You’re making a mess! Now, off the lecturn, Courtney. And stop eating those pages, Eclipse. You’ll make yourself sick. And off the Zanevian Book of Spells, Little Betty.
  • Iris: *opens the front door* Come on, you guys. Outside. And you stay outside until you learn to behave.
  • (The girls walk outside as Iris closes the door)
  • Courtney: Yeah, “Don’t wreck the books”, “Don’t drink the water in front of the vault”. How are we supposed to have any fun? *sighs and lays down on the grass*
  • Eclipse: Yeah... *lays down on the grass* If we were on our own, things would be different.
  • Little Betty: *lays down on the grass too*
  • Courtney: Yeah, we could make book forts whenever we want and never get in trouble.
  • Little Betty: Let’s go swimming! That’ll take our minds off that nonsense.
  • Courtney: Yeah! Let’s go!

Alone in the library

  • (Courtney, Eclipse and Little Betty enter the library to see that the others are gone)
  • Eclipse: Where is everybody?
  • Courtney: I don’t know... *realizes something and happily smiles* Wait a minute...! Do you know what this means?!
  • Eclipse and Little Betty: What?!
  • Courtney: There’s no one to tell us what to do! *builds a book fort at lightning speed* Or not to do!
  • Eclipse: *happily* Alright!!
  • (The girls have some fun in the library, doing whatever they want)
  • Courtney: *laughs while bouncing on a trampoline from a spell book*
  • (The girls were napping until they heard the twins enter the rehearsal room)
  • Little Betty: What was that?!
  • Eclipse: Someone’s trying to break into the library!
  • Courtney: Not while we’re in charge. Come on!
  • Praxina: *chuckles evilly*
  • Mephisto: Look! That must be the library!
  • Praxina: Come on, we can get through there!
  • Mephisto: Oh no, I’m not gonna fall for that again. You first!
  • Praxina: *enters the library through the ripple*
  • Mephisto: Hmm? *convinced* Now, me! *walks into the ripple and doesn’t get in as he falls over, groans* I hate eclipses...
  • (The twins are searching for the Zanevian Book of Spells unaware that the girls are hiding in the bookcases)
  • Mephisto: Okay, so which one of these is the Zanevian Book of Spells?
  • Praxina: *groans and throws a book aside* Who knows? *grabs another book* We’re gonna have to check them all.
  • Mephisto: Are you kidding?! That’ll take forever! And we don’t have very long. Once the eclipse ends, the shield will come up and we’ll get zapped, hard.
  • Praxina: Well, the sooner you stop talking and look, the sooner we get out.
  • Mephisto: *groans while holding a book*
  • (Courtney, Eclipse, and Little Betty come out from behind the books and bark at Mephisto, startling him as he drops the book on his foot)
  • Mephisto: Ow! *holds his foot in pain while complaining*
  • Praxina: *groans in frustration and facepalms her face*
  • Mephisto: It’s those mutts again! How did they get in here?
  • Praxina: Don’t just stand there! Get them!!
  • (The girls jump out of the bookcase before Mephisto can grab them)
  • Courtney: Scatter!
  • (The girls run in different directions)
  • Courtney: *to Mephisto* Stop!
  • Mephisto: *stops in front of her*
  • Courtney: *points to Mephisto’s chest* What’s that on your shirt?
  • Mephisto: What’s a shirt?
  • Courtney: *flicks her finger up at his nose*
  • Mephisto: Ow!
  • Courtney: *laughs and runs off* Sucker!!
  • Mephisto: *to the girls who were hiding somewhere while holding one of the ropes, binding Auriana* We know you‘re here, mutts! Come on out if you know what’s best for your precious little princess!
  • Praxina: *holding the other rope* Unless you’re too scared....
  • (Eclipse sees this while hiding behind the water in front of the vault with Courtney and Little Betty)
  • Little Betty: What’ll we do now?! They have Auriana held hostage!
  • Eclipse: We gotta think of a plan... We can’t just barge in.
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