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Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- I Want My LTV is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


The princesses want to shoot a music video but things go wrong when Mephisto and Praxina steal their magic items, powers, and the Thunderbolts’ weapons! Now, it’s up to Courtney to save the day!


  • Courtney tells the princesses that you don’t need to have superpowers to be a superhero from the movie; Super Buddies.
  • END CREDITS SONG: Hero In Me (Emily Osment)


Escaping the twins

  • (Courtney breaks out of the cage before the twins can take her away)
  • Courtney: *yelps and runs*
  • Mephisto and Praxina: *gasps*
  • Courtney: *flips and turns the other way*
  • Mephisto: Get back here, you mutt! *tries to grab her*
  • Courtney: *dodges Mephisto and runs for it*
  • Praxina: Mephisto, what are you waiting for?! Get her!
  • Mephisto: *runs after Courtney*
  • Courtney: *runs around a corner and jumps on a board, launching some paint cans at the twins*
  • (The paint cans come flying towards the twins as Praxina uses her magic to protect her and Mephisto from getting paint on them)
  • Courtney: *climbs the crates, jumps up and grabs the hanging prop with her mouth*
  • (Courtney swings around while holding on)
  • Courtney: *lets go and lands in the vent* Whoa!!
  • Praxina: *growls in frustration after Courtney got away* Mephisto! You let the mutt get away!
  • Mephisto: Me?! You let her escape as much as I did!
  • Courtney: *stays hidden in the vent*

Magic Destruction

  • (Courtney keeps on running after the twins as Praxina stops in midair)
  • Courtney: *stops running* What are they doing now?
  • Mephisto: *stops* Why are we stopping?!
  • Praxina: *looks at Auriana’s ring and chuckles evilly* Don’t you wanna try this stuff out? Before we have to hand it over? You know, just for fun? *chuckles evilly*
  • Mephisto: *chuckles evilly* Let’s see how much bang we can get from this bangle! *uses Talia’s braclet to fire magic at the lampost*
  • Courtney: *screams as the lampost falls on her and grunts in pain*
  • Praxina: *laughs evilly* Let me try! *fires Auriana’s ring*
  • Courtney: *dodges the magic and runs for cover*

Getting the magic and items back

  • (The Thunderbolts and the princesses sneak into the warehouse)
  • Anakin: *whispers* What’ll we do? We can’t just go in guns a blazin’.
  • Lee Clark: *whispers* Yeah, we’ll be caught right away.
  • Courtney: *whispers* They won’t be able to see me. I’m WAY too small! *sneaks by the twins, quickly and quietly*
  • (Courtney climbs up the steel beams without being seen and grabs a rope which was secured tight)
  • Praxina: *to Mephisto* Quick! Before they get the rest of them back!
  • Courtney: *to Mephisto and Praxina* That’s what you two think! *swings in on the rope and imitates Tarzan‘s jungle cry as she hits the twins*
  • Mephisto and Praxina: *grunts in pain*
  • Zak: Nice one, Courts!
  • Rainbow Dash: Yeah, way to go!
  • Courtney: Quick, Amaru! Now’s your chance!
  • (The twins hit Courtney aside and try to get the other items but Amaru grabs them in the nick of time)
  • Mephisto: *surprised* Ah!
  • Amaru: *wearing his amulet again while holding Iris’ necklace and Auriana’s ring* Amaru! *tosses the necklace and ring to Iris and Auriana*
  • Courtney: Girls, catch!
  • (They catch their items)
  • Iris: Too late! Iris, Princess Of Ephedia! *transforms into her princess form*
  • Auriana: Auriana, Princess Of Volta! *transforms into her princess form*
  • Talia: Talia, Princess Of Xeris! *transforms into her princess form*
  • (The Thunderbolts join the princesses)
  • Iris: Let’s give it to them! One, two, three!

Epilogue: “One of a kind”

  • (Everyone is watching the new music video that was shot by Nathaniel)
  • Anakin: Attention, everyone! Can I have your attention please?
  • (Everyone stops the pillow fight and listens to Anakin)
  • Anakin: Courtney, for bravery beyond the call of duty, for persevering the twins and getting our stuff back, I hereby award you... this collar! *puts the collar on Courtney with a big, gold medal tag which says “hero” on it*
  • Courtney: *smiles proudly while wearing the collar*
  • Iris: Good job, Courtney!
  • Talia: You are a REAL hero!
  • Zak: *dubbed as Wholesome Tommy* Aw, Courtney. You’re one of a kind! *hugs Courtney*
  • Courtney: *wags her tail, happily while being hugged by Zak*