Home Part 2

Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- Home Part 2 is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


Iris and Courtney along with Lev go to the throne room and try to steal back the crown from Gramorr while Talia, Auriana, and the Thunderbolts go to the resistance with Izira, Carissa, and Lyna.



Courtney’s super imitation of Gramorr

  • (The black crystal slaves search for Iris, Courtney, and Lev)
  • Courtney: Uh oh! Here they come! And we gotta lose ‘em!
  • (They stay hidden as Courtney makes something)
  • Courtney: And the only to lose them is to fool them! *puts on a fake crown* First, a fake crown!
  • Iris: A fake crown?
  • Lev: This isn’t the time to play dress-up.
  • Courtney: And next, my super imitation of Gramorr! *mimics Gramorr’s evil laugh*
  • (The crystal slaves see Courtney’s shadow and mistake her for Gramorr)
  • Courtney: *mimics Gramorr* They went THAT way! *laughs evilly* Now, GET GOING!!
  • (The crystal slaves listen to her and run the other way)
  • Courtney: *laughs* They thought I was Gramorr!

Flashbacks Of Legendary Pokemon

  • (Courtney is strapped to a black crystal while she’s unconscious)
  • Iris: What are you gonna do to Courtney, Gramorr?!
  • Gramorr: You’ll see. As long as you give me the crown.
  • Iris: Never!
  • Gramorr: Suit yourself. *uses his magic on Courtney*
  • Courtney: *screams in pain*
  • (Some Legendary Pokemon appear from the flashbacks of Courtney’s mind as Gramorr recognizes them)
  • Gramorr: Lugia! Entei! Celebi! Latios! Latias!
  • Courtney: *continues screaming in pain*
  • Gramorr: *to Courtney* I see you’ve met many rare Pokémon.
  • Iris: No! Stop it! Leave her alone!
  • Gramorr: You can stop it.
  • Iris: *groans as she watches the monster destroy everything in it’s path*
  • (Iris watches the monster turn everyone into black crystal while Courtney was suffering from the black magic)
  • Gramorr: That is happening because of you! Make your choice, Princess.
  • (Iris couldn’t stand watching anymore as the tears stream down her face)
  • Iris: I’ll do it!
  • Lev: *gasps*
  • Iris: I’ll do it... *sheds some tears*
  • Gramorr: *makes the vision orb disappear* At last you’ve come to your senses. *uses magic to make the black crystal stop hurting Courtney*
  • Courtney: *grunts and stops screaming in pain*
  • (Courtney gets released from the black crystal and gets dropped in the cage with Iris)
  • Iris: *gasps and sheds some tears as she picks up Courtney* Courtney...
  • Courtney: *whimpers in pain*
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