Home Part 1

Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- Home Part 1 is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


After dealing with a mysterious asteroid, the princesses and the Thunderbolts find themselves captured and sent to Ephedia where Gramorr demands Iris to get the enchanted Crown!




  • (Some snake-like creatures appear from the pieces of the asteroid)
  • (Courtney keeps avoiding the snake-like creatures until Zak shields her from them and gets tied up)
  • Zak: *grunts* Run, Courtney!
  • Courtney: Zak!
  • Zak: Run, now! *muffles for help as the snake-like creature covers his mouth*
  • Courtney: *keeps on running and avoiding the snake-like creatures*
  • (The snake-like creatures surround Courtney)
  • Courtney: *uses her electricity ability and shocks them as she keeps on running*
  • (More snake-like creatures surround her)
  • Courtney: *uses her electricity ability again and shocks them*
  • Courtney: *pants heavily after using her electricity ability too much*
  • (The twins appear behind her)
  • Praxina: Oh, what’s the matter, mutt? Tired?
  • Courtney: *gasps and gets into a fighting stance*
  • Mephisto: Don’t worry, mutt. Gramorr will decide what to do with you!
  • Courtney: *pants heavily while she stands her ground*
  • (Garnet emerges from the dirt from behind Courtney and charges towards the twins)
  • Praxina: Good! *summons her magic to protect herself from Garnet’s punch*
  • (The powerful draft sends Courtney and Garnet back)
  • Garnet: *recovers quickly and charges towards the twins* Courtney, RUN!!!
  • (The Thunderbolts and the princesses land in the throne room of Ephedia as the snake-like creature uncovers Iris’ mouth)
  • Iris: *gets up and looks around* Is this...?
  • Talia: Ephedia!
  • Auriana: *gasps* We’re home!
  • Zak: So, this is Ephedia...
  • (They hear someone laughing evilly as Banes and Gramorr step out)
  • Gramorr: Welcome, princesses and Thunderbolts.
  • Iris, Talia, and Auriana: *gasps*
  • Zak: Gramorr!
  • Iris: *tries to get free*
  • Gramorr: *looks at Iris* Ah, you have your mother’s eyes... *laughs evilly*
  • Courtney: *wakes up after hearing Gramorr’s evil laugh and groans in pain* My head...
  • Gramorr: *sees Courtney awake, to Iris* Ah, I see your little friend’s awake.
  • Courtney: *gasps and protects Iris as she growls angrily at Gramorr*
  • (Back at the throne room, Iris is struggling to get free while Courtney protects her from Gramorr)
  • Iris: *struggles* What do you want from me?
  • Gramorr: Surely, you know... *releases Iris from the snake-like creatures as he walks towards the crown* The Crown Of Ephedia. *touches the magical barrier, protecting it* Take it out and give it to me.
  • Courtney: What?! That’s insane!
  • Iris: *growls* You want me to give you the one thing that will let you take over Ephedia for good? Wow, let me think about it... Uh, no!
  • Gramorr: Princess, I am not asking you... I’M ORDERING YOU!!!
  • Iris: *growls*
  • Courtney: *perched on Iris’ shoulder* The true heir of the throne has decided!!
  • Gramorr: Now, we can do this the easy way or...
  • Iris: NEVER!!
  • Gramorr: The hard way then...*uses his magic to show Iris something*
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