Dance Craze

Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- Dance Craze is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


It’s Halloween! And the Thunderbolts are ready to celebrate while the princesses wait for Morgaine to arrive. But, Mephisto and Praxina kidnap Missy!


  • Courtney will try to scare Mephisto and Praxina in her Cinder Fall costume the same way Spongebob did in the episode; “Scaredy-Pants”.


The Halloween Party

  • (The Thunderbolts, the princesses, and Amaru arrive at the party)
  • Iris: You’re gonna have fun at this party, Courtney.
  • Zak: *dressed as a soldier from G.I Joe* She’s right, Courts. There’s lots of food and you can scare Missy.
  • Courtney: *excitedly* Missy nala kweesta! *follows them inside*
  • (They see the whole place decorated for Halloween)
  • Zak: Whoa! Look at this place!
  • Auriana: This place looks amazing! I can already tell this is gonna be the best night ever! *grabs Talia* Nothing can spoil it! *walks away with her*
  • Courtney: *sniffs around until she smells the refreshments and gasps happily* Oh! Mmm... *heads over to the refreshments table*

Courtney tries to scare Mephisto and Praxina

  • (Courtney is in her Cinder Fall costume as she sees Mephisto and Praxina from the ventilation system who have Iris trapped in a black crystal orb)
  • Eclipse: *ties a rope around her waist* Are you ready, Courtney?
  • Courtney: *thumbs up*
  • Eclipse: *sees the power switch and grabs it*
  • Courtney: *whispers* Okay, Eclipse. Kill the lights!
  • (Eclipse pulls the plug and turns off the lights)
  • Mephisto: What’s going on?
  • Praxina: *groans in frustration* It’s just the lights acting strange.
  • Courtney: *shows herself from the ventilation system*
  • Eclipse: *mimics Cinder Fall while using a megaphone* Muahahahahaha! I’m Cinder Fall!!! *laughs evilly as she lowers Courtney down* I’m gonna get ya!
  • (Suddenly, a mouse bites Eclipse on the tail!)
  • Eclipse: Huh? *screams in pain while holding her tail and lets the rope go plunging Courtney down onto the floor*
  • Courtney: *screams as she hits the floor*
  • (Eclipse runs around in the ventilation system unaware she has the rope tied onto her waist)
  • Courtney: *screams while swinging around until her tail gets exposed as she dangles upside down*
  • Mephisto: *covers himself in fear*
  • Praxina: Look, Mephisto! That’s not Cinder Fall, it’s Courtney! *laughs*
  • Courtney: *dangling* Help! Help! Somebody get me down!
  • Eclipse: *uses the megaphone* I am not Courtney! Those are my fur liners!
  • Praxina: *walks over to Courtney* We cannot be fooled by this trickery. Out of all the costumes we’ve seen, yours is the most insulting.
  • Courtney: You mean I’m not scary?
  • Praxina: *laughs at this* You? Scary?! Don’t make me laugh! *summons her sword and cuts the rope*
  • Courtney: *lands on the ground* Oof!
  • Praxina: *grabs her by the scruff* But, since we have you and Princess Iris, Morgaine will soon be Gramorr‘s prisoner!
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