Courtney's Adventures of LoliRock- Batty is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


Courtney and Iris save a scientist who is searching for an energy-rich ore. But, the twins are also searching for the same ore!


  • Courtney will get the same condition as Stitch from the episode; Kixx after eating Nathaniel’s macadamia nuts and his left shoe.
  • Ventus is indirectly mentioned in this episode.


A nature walk

  • (Courtney was searching through Nathaniel’s bag while the girls were busy)
  • Nathaniel: *puts his hand on Iris’ shoulder* So, Iris. Since the concert isn’t until tonight, what do you say we explore around a bit?
  • Iris: *blushing* Sounds fun.
  • Courtney: *finds some macadamia nuts!* Ooh! *eats the whole thing and keeps on searching in his bag* Ooh! A left tennis shoe! *eats it but spits it back up*
  • (A chimpmunk jumps out of the bushes)
  • Courtney, Iris, and Nathaniel: *laughs*
  • Iris: *picks up Amaru* I think we’re safe, Amaru.
  • Courtney: Yeah! *walks backwards down the path*
  • Iris: Courtney, are you feeling okay?
  • Courtney: Never better, why?
  • Iris: You’re walking backwards.

Cave Fight

  • (Iris and Courtney turn around to face the twins)
  • Praxina: Hand it over!
  • Iris: Huh?
  • Courtney: Hand what over?
  • Mephisto: *appears in front of Iris and Courtney as he growls* The power boo-
  • (Before Mephisto could finish the sentence, Praxina covers his mouth)
  • Iris: Power what?
  • Praxina: *scoffs* Wouldn’t you like to know. How about if I just leave you a little surprise instead?
  • Courtney: Not so fast! *charges in but falls over and crashes as she groans*
  • Praxina: *laughs, to Iris* Looks like your mutt is not up to the fight! *uses her magic as it swirls above Iris*
  • (The twins disappear)

Courtney’s Diagnosis/Training

  • (Courtney was being scanned for any problems after the incident in the cave)
  • Auriana: I hope she doesn’t need a shot.
  • Marc: We’ll find out. I’m printing the test results right now.
  • (The results are done printing as Marc reads the results)
  • Marc: I have a diagnosis!
  • Iris: What is it?
  • Marc: She ate some macadamia nuts.
  • Talia: That’s it?
  • Iris: Is that bad?
  • Marc: Normally, macadamia nuts are a delicious snack. But, the data says she also ate a tennis shoe.
  • Iris: A left one. But, she spit it up.
  • Marc: Not soon enough. Combination of metolayic acid found in macadamia nut oil and tennis shoe rubber created the same chemical compound as Crezonyte.
  • Maggie: Crezonyte?! Ew! It’s really toxic stuff!
  • Iris: What did that stuff do to Courtney?
  • Marc: It caused her system to shut down. She’s like a computer crashing. It wiped out all of her training memory.
  • Iris: How will she stop the twins and that bat if she can’t remember how to fight?
  • Anakin: We’re gonna have to retrain from scratch. *gets out the training manuals* Here are the training manuals. She must be trained in agility, hand-by coordination, and strength. Good luck.
  • (Courtney has almost finished her training until she heard Mephisto and Praxina’s voices from the roof of the science center)
  • Mephisto: *groans in frustration* How did those guys get here before us?!
  • Praxina: Gee, I wonder...
  • Gramorr: Why are you just standing there?! Follow the princesses and find that power enhancer!
  • (The twins fly off and follow the princesses)
  • Courtney: *sees the twins as she snarls angrily* Ogata! Ogata!
  • Zak: Almost, but not yet. We have one more training manual to go. “Fighting Dark Magic Villains“.
  • Courtney: *folds her arms in confidence and determination* I’m ready!
  • Zak: But, don’t you think it might come in handy?
  • Courtney: There’s no time! *runs off and follows the twins*
  • Zak: Courtney, come back! You’re gonna get hurt!! COURTNEY!!!

The battle

  • (The twins were fighting the princesses until Courtney shows up)
  • Courtney: Togahdah kweesta!
  • Praxina: Huh?!
  • Mephisto: *sees Courtney* Oh look, sister! It’s that mutt!
  • Praxina: She will be easy to take down!
  • Courtney: We’ll see about that! *charges towards them*
  • Praxina: *fires her magic at her*
  • Courtney: *jumps up and does a front flip to dodge as she lands beside Iris* Sorry I’m late.
  • (Praxina flies towards them)
  • Iris: *tries to use her magic*
  • Praxina: *fires some crystals at them*
  • Iris: *screams as she avoids the crystals and drops the ore as she gasps*
  • Courtney: Uh oh!
  • Praxina: *picks up the ore* Yes!
  • Courtney: Drop it!! *charges towards Praxina*
  • Praxina: *kicks Courtney back*
  • Courtney: *grunts in pain*
  • (Courtney gets slammed into the wall after being kicked by Praxina as a rock falls on top of her head)
  • Courtney: Oof! *feels dizzy after the rock fell on her head*
  • Zak: *runs over to Courtney* Courtney! It’s me!
  • Courtney: *sees Zak in a dizzy matter and groans* Ventus...?
  • (Her vision goes back to normal)
  • Zak: Close enough.
  • Courtney: Zak! *grunts in pain as she holds her head in pain*
  • (In the battle arena, Zak gets out the training manual on how to fight dark magic villains while the princesses and the Thunderbolts distract the giant bat)
  • Zak: *to Courtney as he opens the manual* I think I can save you and the princesses, but you gotta let me teach you.
  • Courtney: Okay.
  • Zak: *turns the page to Chapter 26 and reads it* “Chapter 26: Fighting Dark Magic Villains”
  • Courtney: *find the Twins, trying to catch Iris who has the ore*
  • Zak: *looks at the manual* It says, “roll into a ball”.
  • Courtney: Got it! *rolls up into a ball and charges towards Mephisto*
  • Mephisto: *gets hit by Courtney* Oof!
  • Courtney: *uncurls herself*
  • (Talia and Auriana fight the bat while Iris jumps from platform to platform to avoid the twins)
  • Iris: *grunts and slides on the platform* Whoa!
  • Mephisto: *appears in front of Iris*
  • Iris: *slides underneath him*
  • Mephisto: Huh?
  • Zak: *reads the manual* Now, “butt-head”!
  • Courtney: *confused* Wha?
  • Zak: I mean a “head-butt”!
  • Courtney: *runs fast and headbutts Mephisto from behind as he crashes into Praxina*
  • (After the princesses used Crystal Luxtra to defeat the bat, Courtney was proud of the fight she won with the twins after Iris had tricked them)
  • Zak: You did it, Courtney!
  • Courtney: *raises her arms* Ogata! Ogata! Oga-! *fall to the ground and snores*
  • Zak: Nap time? I understand.
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