Courtney's Adventures of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore is an upcoming crossover to be made by PuppyPower32.


Courtney and her friends travel from Beverly Hills to San Francisco and meet a K-9 cop named Diggs who has trouble following orders. Diggs and the Thunderbolts are recruited by D.O.G. HQ and team up with M.E.O.W.S to stop a dangerous criminal; Kitty Galore from activating her "Call of the Wild" which will turn every canine into a mad dog and locked up in the kennels. Can the Thunderbolts find Kitty Galore and stop her from activating the Call of the Wild?



Mission: Fetch and retrieve Seamus

  • Lou: We have less than two days to find Kitty before she activates her Call of the Wild. Fetch and retrieve that bird.
  • Diggs: Easy enough. Just give me some bread, a big net and a hammer.
  • Courtney: No, Diggs. We're not killing him.
  • Lou: She's right. We need him alive.
  • Diggs: Okay, scratch the hammer.
  • Lou: So, you have your assignment. Find Seamus before the cats do.
  • Courtney: Yes, sir! We won't let you down!
  • Lou: And Courtney? Before you go, I have something for you. Peeks designed this collar just for you. *hands her a pink spy collar just her size*
  • Courtney: For me? But, I'm not an agent.
  • Lou: You're a junior agent for now.
  • Courtney: *picks up the collar and puts it on*
  • Lou: Good luck, Courtney. I'm counting on you.

Seamus/Meeting Catherine

  • (Butch, Diggs, and the Thunderbolts climb up to the top of the tower)
  • Butch: It's quiet. A little too quiet.
  • Courtney: Hmm... Careful, it's too quiet around here. Too easy.
  • (Suddenly, they hear something from the trash can!)
  • Diggs: Butch, it's time to take out the trash! *pushes the trash can over*
  • Butch: What are you doing?
  • Diggs: *looks around in the trash can* Where do you think you're going, punk? *comes out with Seamus in his mouth*
  • Seamus: Hey! Hey! Easy! Easy! Watch the teeth!
  • Butch: Stand down! That bird's our informant. He works for us. 
  • Seamus: lnformant? Work? l do neither of these things. And when's the last time you had a mint? 
  • Butch: You Seamus? 
  • Seamus: That is privileged information. Who wants to know? 
  • Diggs: All right, enough. Why does Kitty Galore have a price on your beak?
  • Yang: Yeah, why is she after you?
  • Seamus: l don't know! l never met her! That was my cousin Nicky's business.
  • Diggs: Kitty wouldn't be after you if you didn't know something.
  • Seamus: Nicky just crashed at my pad sometimes. l don't know anything. My brain is the size of a grape! Or a raisin. A big raisin or a little grape.
  • Gallus: *facepalms his face* This guy is hopeless.... He doesn't have a clue where Kitty Galore is.
  • Weiss: Maybe not, Gallus. But, he'll know eventually.
  • Smolder: I hope you're right, Weiss.
  • Butch: Don't get your feathers all ruffled. You're completely safe, now that we're-
  • (Catherine hits Butch on the head with a rolled-up newspaper)
  • Courtney: What the?!
  • Seamus: Oh!
  • Catherine: *twirls the rolled-up newspaper*
  • Seamus: Look out! Assassin with a rolled-up newspaper! *hides in the trash can lid*
  • Diggs: No sweat. It's just a little kitty cat. 
  • Catherine: Hand over the bird.
  • Diggs: Ooh. A girl kitty cat.
  • Courtney: Not a chance! We found him first! So, beat it!
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