Coruscant is a massive city planet in the galactic core that served as the capital of the Galactic Republic. Coruscant during the Clone Wars was the military and political capital of all Republic activity and was home to Jedi Order and Republic Senate.

Important Buildings

  • The Senate Building is a building where the Republic Senate met and carried about the business of legislating and debate. There was a vast rotunda where discussions took place between the hundreds of representatives and was easily the most memerable area within the building. There was also a power room, front docking bay, many hallways and several privot caucuss halls, all damaged during Cad Bane's attack.
  • The Jedi Temple was where Jedi discussed, researched, trained and were knighted. Masters reported to the Jedi Council countless times in the Clone Wars, and Anakin Skywalker was knighted by the masters, like Nahdar Vebb, who was knighted later in the war.


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