Ulysses Feral

"The Enforcers will handle this." - Commander Feral to the Swat Kats

Commander Ulysses Feral (Voiced by the late Gary Owens) is the leader of the Enforcers and uncle to Lt. Felina Feral.

He's also responsible for creating the Swat Kats in the first place when his plane bumped into Chance and Jakes plane, causing them to crash into the Enforcers HQ. Instead of taking full responsibility for the incident, be blamed Chance and Jake for the destruction and are kicked out of the force and sent them to work to pay off the damage. Feral also believe that the Swat Kats are a threat because they work outside the law. However sometime, Feral and the Swat Kats teamed up on some occasions.


  • Jaden and Jeffrey strongly dislike Commander Feral cause of his view on vigilantes, which include Batman.
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