Clayton (voiced by Brain Blessed) is the main antagonist of Tarzan. Clayton is a British hunter who was obsessed with hunting gorillas and selling them on the black market. Clayton acted as a guide to Jane and her father and attempted to use Tarzan to find the gorillas. He and his men soon captured Tarzan, Jane, Dr. Porter, Jaden and his team and started to capture the gorillas. But Tarzan and the others escaped and managed to stop Clayton's thugs. Clayton shot Kerchak and had a fight with Tarzan. Clayton met his end when he was entangled in vines and he mindlessly hacks the vines with his machete. He failed to notice that one vine was under his neck, and he cut the only vine he held onto and fell and was hanged to death.



  • Clayton is one of Mother Gothel's sons, which makes him a brother of Rapunzel, but unlike Ralphie and Kronk, Clayton is like the many sons of Gothel, dark and heartless
  • Clayton will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey & Friends meet Tarzan.
  • Clayton will return for revenge in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of Aladdin and the King of Thieves. He will be a minor (somewhat recurring) foe of the Justice Guardians.
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