CinderellAqua is a upcoming Cinderella spoof to be made by tigerman531.


  • Aqua as Cinderella
  • Jeffrey Dragonheart as Prince Charming
  •  Patch as Jaq
  •  Pikachu as Gus
  •  Mavis as Perla
  •  Collette as Mary
  •  Madame Gasket as Lady Tremiane
  •  Ranamon as Anastasia
  •  Harley Quinn as Drizella
  •  Diablo as Lucifer
  •  Princess Luna as Fairy Godmother
  •  Toby as Bruno
  •  Shining Armor as Major
  •  Syrus as Bruno as Footman
  •  Jack Skellington as Major as Coachman
  •  Dracula as The King
  •  Discord as The Grand Duke
  •  Sid as The Footman


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