The Cheshire Cat as he appears in the 1951 version

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"Oh. You can't help that. Most everyone's mad here." -Cheshire Cat to Alice.

The Cheshire Cat (1951 version: voiced by Sterling Holloway, later on Jim Cummings) (2010: voiced by Stephen Fry) is a mischievous cat from Alice in Wonderland, and is a member of Jaden's Adventure team.

In the 1951 version, he suggested to Alice, Jaden and his friends that they see the Mad Hatter and the March Hare to look for the White Rabbit. Later, he shows them how to get to the Queen of Hearts. And finally, he gets them in trouble by angering the Queen of Hearts.

In Jaden's Adventures of Alice in Wonderland (2010 version), he is encountered by Alice and the others, and offers to purify her Bandersnatch claw marks on her arm, but she declines and says she will be fine when she has woken up but he insists on wrapping it, which Alice allows him to do. He then guides Alice to the mad tea party. Later on, he saves the Mad Hatter from an execution by taking his place instead. After the Jabberwocky is slain, and the Red Queen is defeated, Jaden offers the Cheshire Cat to join them, and he happily agrees.



  • Jeffrey and his team will meet the Cheshire Cat in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures with Alice in Wonderland. Jeffrey and the others won't trust him at first, but they'll soon consider him a great friend in Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet TRONand trust him completely.
  • Cheshire Cat serves as the eyes and ears to the Justice Guardians.
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