Chef Skinner's defeat.

Chef Skinner (voiced by the late Ian Holm) is the main antagonist of Jaden cooks Ratatouille. Skinner was the owner of Gusteau's after Gusteau himself passed away. Skinner disgracefully used Gusteau's name to create a line of frozen food products. Skinner hated rats and feared they would put him out of business. He was afraid of Linguini would threaten his job after getting a letter from Linguini's late mother that he's Gusteau's son. But after Remy and Jaden told Linguini the truth, Linguini became the new owner of Gusteau's, and Skinner lost his job. Skinner wasn't through though. He planned to report Gusteau's being infected with rats to a health inspector. And after a while, Skinner learned that Remy was the real cook behind Linguini's success. Skinner captured Remy and threatened to help him create a new line of frozen foods or be killed. Later on, Skinner attended the restaurant to see Linguini fail miserably without Remy. After being served a dish of Ratatouille and finding it irresistible, Skinner burst into the kitchen and demanded to find out who made it, only to find the place run by rats. Skinner was tossed in the freezer with the health inspector, but both were let go and reported the restaurant infested with rats, closing Gusteau's forever.


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