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Charlie B. Barkin (voiced by the late Burt Reynolds, than Charlie Sheen, and later Steven Weber) is the main character of All Dogs go to Heaven. He's a roguish Collie/German Shepard hybrid dog.

Charlie is a con-man with the heart of a marshmellow, and he isn't known for doing good deeds. But he really doesn't mean any harm as he does have a caring and compassionate side. He also starts warming up more while spending time with a little girl named Anne-Marie. He even goes as far as giving his own life for hers. In the second film, he's more laid-back and friendlier, but still mischivious and scheming as well as lazy and selfish at times, as he would ignore his responsiblities just to goof off. But when it comes to his friends' well-being, he always comes around and makes up for his mischief.

His best friend is Itchy, and his love interest is Sasha.


  • Charlie will meet Jeffrey and his team in Jeffrey & Friends learn that All Dogs go to Heaven.
  • He'll see them again in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of All Dogs go to Heaven 2 and Jeffrey & Friends' Storm Adventures of All Dogs go to Heaven: The Series. At the end of the series, Charlie and Itchy will join the team.
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