"But I never liked Fate! Predestination goes against the grain. Besides he cheats at cards!" - Chaos.

Chaos (voiced by Matt Frewer) is the name of a godlike being from the Aladdin television series. He is a magical being that spreads and may even be the embodiment of chaos.


Though capable of shapeshifting, Chaos goes about in the appearance of a sphinx-like cat that vaguely resembles the Cheshire Cat. He has blue fur, green eyes, and a beard similar to Genie, a pair of wings, and gold bands on his forepaws, along with a collar.


  • He is called "The Master Trickster" by Mirage, as well as "Master of Surprise, the Unpredictable".
  • He does get angry when people start giving him orders, warning in a threatening voice not to do so. This may be because chaos has no order.
  • An interesting thing about Chaos is the fact that his love, ability to create Chaos and his name being a reference to disorder, is very similar to Discord.
  • Like the Genie, his magical tricks tend to make references to other media.
  • Chaos is an old friend of Discord.
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