Chakravartin (Voiced by Al Rodrigo ) Is the main antagonist in the video game, Asura's Wrath. Chakravartin is the Creator of Gaea and he disguise himself as a golden spider. He's also the one responsible for the creation of Mantra, an energy source which give the Demi-Gods their powers, and the Gohma. He grow sick of protecting the mortals and try to find a seccessor and destroy Gaea and remade it in his own image cause he see them as 'unworthy'. Chakaravrtin soon meet Asura several

Asura's Wrath The Final Fight! (Asura vs Chakravartin)

Asura's Wrath The Final Fight! (Asura vs Chakravartin)

Chakravartin's Demise

times as a golden spider before he reveal himself in his true form and hold Mithra hostage. He's release her if Asura agree to be his successor. Asura refused, which enraged the mad god and try to destroy Gaea as he done many time before. But Asura interfere and the two fought for the fate of the entire planet. Untimely, Asura won the day as he destroy Chakravatin after so much suffering he cause and countless lives to killed, including making Mithra cry. However, the victory was bitter-sweet as Chakravatin's death means Mantra no longer exist, casing Asura to die.


  • Chakravatin is a treat to the entire Multi-Verse.
  • Darkblade Crystalheart greatly despise Chakravatin cause he abandon protecting Gaea and murders countless lives for his own personal gain.
  • It is unknown if Chakravatin will meet Jaden and Jeffery in the future.
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