Catherine Lopez is the adopted sister of Craig Lopez and is a promising, powerful young witch.

After coming out to her family about her interest, her brother; Craig was the only one who was supportive of her choice. When he disappeared, she eventually went to look for him and pretty soon, she followed his trail to the pawn shop he was last seen in and also saw the same clock that sent Craig back in time. After she fixed it, she also was whisked away to the past, but this time in the Medieval Renaissance period in which she becomes a young witch in training under the teachings of the great wizard Merlin.

Since then, she had been learning the ways of sorcery and magic until she went on a mission to Russia and was reunited with Craig, now as an all powerful Genie. After that reunion, they kept in touch via Magic Mirror, Crystal Ball etc. During her travels, she met a wild Meowth, after going on the road, she witnessed the Meowth battle against a Persian in which he was horribly beaten to a pulp. So she took the Meowth in and caring for him, nursing him back to health and gave him some special boots for his feet as well as a hat and scarf in which she took him in as her traveling companion. When traveling to Agrabah with her Meowth for the first time, met up with Craig again while also meeting Manolo, Maria and the Arabian Knights in Craig & Friends meet Aladdin, after witnessing Manolo wishing him free, she would often join them on a few adventures until permanently joining the club along with her Meowth.


  • Don't be fooled by the photo. Catherine may look like Stella, but she ISN'T her.
  • Catherine is the first LGBT OC character made by Andy Gott


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