Castle Oblivion
Chamber of waking BBSFM

The Chamber of Waking.

Castle Oblivion is a world in the Kingdom Hearts series. Castle Oblivion was once the Land of Departure, but after Master Eraqus was struck down and the Land of Departure was destroyed by Master Xehanort, Aqua was given orders from her master to use his Keyblade to seal the world's keyhole, and as a result, the world was recreated into Castle Oblivion. The castle also contains the The Chamber of Waking, where Ventus' comatose body rests. Years later, Xemnas entrusted the castle and Naminé to Marluxia, who would use both to overthrow the Organization. Sora, Donald, and Goofy went inside the castle in search of Riku and King Mickey. But as they went higher and higher up, they were slowly losing their memories, as part of Marluxia's plan to use Sora as his puppet to overthrow the Organization. But his plan failed thanks to the meddling of Axel. Sora managed to defeat Marluxia and Larxene, and Sora, Donald, and Goofy went to sleep in three pods in order to have their memories be restored by Naminé. But they wouldn't remember anything that happened in Castle Oblivion. At the same time, Riku was in the basement of Castle Oblivion, where he faced the remaining darkness of Ansem. Riku managed to defeat the Ansem in his heart, and chose to walk on the "road to dawn." During her days in the Organization, Xion came to Castle Oblivion in order to find answers about her existence.


  • Jaden, Jeffrey, and the team may one day visit the castle, since Aqua needs to return for Ventus someday.
  • Because this world is animated, it is a part of ToonTown.
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