Cassim (Voiced by John Rhys-Davies) is Aladdin's father. He's the leader of the 40 thieves and believe that a powerful treasure, the Hand of Midas is real. After Cassim and his men including to second-in-comand Sa'Luk attacked on Aladdin's and Princess Jasmine's wedding day, they came back to there hideout, empty-handed. Aladdin saved Cassim and recognized him from a dagger he gives to him as a baby. Later, Cassim and Aladdin journeyed back to Agrabah, and Cassim ended up captured by the palace guards and thrown in the dungeon. Aladdin free his father and both make a run for it, but Aladdin refused to go with him. Cassim return to the hide out, only to discover the remaining of the 40 thieves now lead by Sa'Luk. They travel to the Medeteranian Sea to find the Vanishing Isle, a city which sat on the back of a giant turtle. Saved by his son, Aladdin and Cassim find the Hand of Midas and soon ambushed by Sa'Luk and treated to kill Aladdin if he don't handed him the Hand of Midas. He throw the hand at Sa'Luk, but ended up turned into a solid gold statue. Realazing that the Hand was too powerful to be used by any man, he throw the Hand to the bottom of the sea, but landed on the Thieves boat which turn to gold, and sink. Back at Agrabah, after his son and Jasmine finally wed, Cassim, along with Iago, ride to parts unknown after waving goodbye to Aladdin and Jasmine.


  • Jaden meet Cassim in Jaden's meet Aladdin and the King of Thieves.
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