Casper (voiced by Malachi Pearson) is the main character of the movie Casper. He is a friendly ghost who wants a friend. He meets a teenage girl named Kat who becomes his friend. He later remembers his past and how he died. When he was alive, he got a sled from his dad and went sledding all day. But it got late and cold. Then Casper got sick and died. When he became a ghost, he stayed behind to make sure his dad wasn't lonely. His father later created a machine to bring Casper back to life. Casper wanted to use it, but when Kat's father died by accident, he kindly allowed him to use it instead. Casper also has 3 uncles, known as the Ghostly Trio, their names are Stretch, Fatso, and Stinky. Even though he's friendly, he does manage to scare some people if to make sure he stays on good terms with Kibosh, the head Ghost.


  • Jeffrey and Jaden will meet Casper in Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet Casper.
  • Aaron and his friends will meet Casper in Aaron, Arik & Friends meet Casper. In this adventure, Casper helps Asuna to know that not all Ghosts are scary, and becomes best friends with this friendly ghost.
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