Captain Chantel DuBois

Captain Chantel DuBois (voiced by Frances McDormand) is the main antagonist of Jaden's Adventures of Madagascar 3. She is Monte Carlo's animal control officer who has a perfect success record. DuBois kills animals and mounts their heads on the walls. But she was most desperate to have Alex's head.

After the heroes escaped DuBois, she pursued them across the continent of Europe. In London, she exposes the group as zoo animals and not circus performers. At New York City, she ambushed the group, and was mistakenly hailed as a hero by the zookeepers of Central Park Zoo. She received a million dollar check, but rejected it saying it was all about Alex. DuBois would have killed Alex with a poison dart had the circus not rescued the animals (after King Julien warned them of DuBois). In the end, she and her men were shipped to Madagascar.


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