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Captain America (also known as Steve Rogers) (performed by Chris Evans) is a legendary hero from the past and the leader of the Avengers.


In World War II, patriotic soldier Steve Rogers received the Super Soldier Serum and became the living symbol of freedom, Captain America. Left for dead while frozen in ice, the star-spangled hero with an indestructible shield awoke decades later to continue his never-ending battle for liberty.


  • Peak human strength: After being injected by the Super Soldier serum, Captain America's strength increased to incredible levels. His strength is the highest any ordinary human could ever achieve & as such is greater than that of even an Olympic level athlete. 
  • Peak Human Level Speed: Captain America has peak human speed. He is faster than average humans.  
  • Peak Human Level Agility: Steve's agility, bodily coordination, and balance are greater than those of an Olympic athlete. 
  • Peak Human Level Reflexes: Steve's reflexes are similarly enhanced, allowing him to react with enough speed to dodge automatic gunfire. 
  • Peak Human Level Stamina: Captain America's body produces less fatigue toxins than ordinary human beings. Meaning that Captain America's stamina is greater than that of an Olympic athlete. He can operate at his peak for several hours before beginning to grow tired. 


  • Master martial artist: Steve is an Expert in Martial Art's mainly in Western boxing, along with Karate, judo, Jiu Jitsu and Army Combative training. 
  • Expert gymnast
  • Master strategist.
  • Shield expert.
  • Expert vehicular driver


Captain America's main weapon is a circular, concave shield that is made of a unique vibranium-iron alloy that is virtually indestructible. The shield can be thrown like a disc and then return to Captain America's hands by ricocheting off of objects. The shield was destroyed by the intense magical power of the Odin Force, and the Captain briefly used the shield belonging to the Goddess Sif as a replacement. The shield was eventually repaired by Wakandan scientists and remains as indestructible as it was before. Cap also briefly used the holographic shield wielded by his Skrull counterpart when infiltrating Ultron's lair. 

Captain America also uses a motorcycle when he wishes to reach his destination faster than he is able to run. 



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