Cantus the Minstrel (performed by Jim Henson) is a Fraggle on Fraggle rock and the leader of a musical group called the Minstrels. He has a magic pipe that can play anyone's song just by blowing into it. Cantus also has a way of saying things in a mysterious way, which can be riddles then wisdom.


  • In The Power of Music, it is revealed that he is the one who has been teaching Princess Cadence how to use music magic to heal and fight in combat. He will also train Xion, Tammy, and DJ as his pupils.
  • Cantus will guest star again in Cantus' Next Student, where he'll teach Elsa how to use music magic.
  • Ariel got training from him as well magic music to heal and fight in combat, and give the members of the Ed's and Darkblade's team power boosts to make them stronger to fight.
  • Cantus is one of two characters that Jim Henson performed in Fraggle Rock, the other being a very different character: the wacky, scheming Convincing John.
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