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"I'm a bunny. The Easter Bunny! People believe in me." -Bunnymund to Jack Frost.

Bunnymund (The Easter Bunny) (voiced by Hugh Jackman) is a character of Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Rise of the Guardians, and is the Guardian of Hope. He delivers Easter Eggs on Easter Sunday, and fights with Easter egg bombs and boomerangs.


When Pitch threatened the children of the world, Bunnymund was summoned to help stop him. But when Jack Frost was to be the new guardian, Bunnymund objected to the idea, because he held a grudge against Jack for messing with his egg hunts. He helped collect teeth and deliver cash for Tooth, and the Guaridans helped him prepare his eggs for Easter. But Pitch destroyed the eggs and therefore destroys the children's faith in Bunnymund. He eventually was changed into a small and cute little rabbit. But when the children's faith was restored, he helped stop Pitch, and saw Jack as a true Guardian.

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Rise of the Guardians - Meet Bunnymund-1



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