Bugs and Daffy's Adventures of Beauty and the Beast is the fourth movie of the Bugs and Daffy's Adventures series. It shall be edited and released onto YouTube.


Once upon a time, a young prince lived in a huge castle. He was very spoiled and self-centered. One day, he turned down an old beggar woman's requests for shelter. The beggar turned out to be a beautiful fairy, who punished him for his vanity by turning him into a hideous Beast and all his servants into household objects. By his 20th birthday, he must find someone to love him for who he is before all the petals fall off of an enchanted rose. Until then, the beast remains in his castle on the outskirts of a little French village.

In the village lives a woman named Belle and her inventor father Maurice. They are lending out room for a visting Bugs and Daffy's Adventures team while they visit. Also in the town lives the pompous casanova Gaston and his lackey LeFou. Gaston has his eyes on Belle, as she is the only one in town as good-looking as he is. However, he is also working alongside Marvin the Martian, who requested help from Maleficent to find someone to aid his evil plans.

Maurice gets lost on his way to a fair and trie sto seek shelter at the Beast's castle. he is welcomed by the candlestick Lumiere, kindly teapot Mrs. Potts, and Chip, her teacup son, but the neurotic clock Cogsworth tries to ward him away, as does a nervous Donald Duck, who was a normal duck that became anthropomorphized by the fairy's spell. The Beast holds Maurice as a prisoner, but Belle and the team, finding out about the incident, offer themselves as prisoners in his place. The objects try to make them feel welcome, while Belle and the team try to thaw the Beast's heart and Gaston and Marvin set about their plans.



  • Belle (Little Town) - sung by Belle, Gaston, LeFou, Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Tweety, and the townspeople
  • I'm in a Musical - sung by Yakko, Wakko, Dot, and the townspeople
  • Belle (Reprise) - sung by Belle
  • Gaston - sung by Gaston, LeFou, and Marvin
  • Be Our Guest - sung by Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, the household objects, and Donald
  • Something There - Belle, the Beast, Lumiere, Cogsowrth, Mrs. Potts, and the team
  • Human Again - Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts,a nd the household objects
  • Beauty and the Beast - Mrs. Potts
  • The Mob Song - Gaston, Marvin, and the villagers
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