Buddy (Voiced by Tom Everett Scott) is a main hero in the Airbud movies, and as a secondary character in the Air Buddies movies.

Buddy was raised by an abused clown named Norm 'Happy Slappy' Snively, who treated to beat him if he misbehave. After a birthday party went bad, Buddy manage to escape and meet Josh on an old basketball court. The two became fast friends when Josh discover that Buddy can play basketball. Buddy try out for the Fernfield Timberwolves and became part of the team. However, Snively manage to track Buddy down and took him back, but Josh rescued him and decide to let him go into the wilderness. But having being loved by Josh and the townspeople, Buddy return just as in time for the Timberwovles to win. However, Snively return to claim his dog in court. Buddy turn on his former owner after years of treats and abuse and became Josh's new owner and Snively got thrown in prison for animal abuse. In time, Buddy meet and wed Molly and became a father of five puppies: Rosebud, Buddha, Butterball, Mudbud and B-Dawg.


  • Buddy will meet Jeffrey in Jeffery & Friends meet Airbud.
  • In Jeffrey & Friends 'Storm Adventures of Air Buddies, he is revealed to be the son of Shadow.
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