Bruce's Haunted House is an upcoming Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends' Storm Adventures Chronicles episode to be made by Ren the God of Humor, Aaron the Meerkat and Tigerman531.


Wishing he was braver like the rest of his family, Bruce suddenly has a shared dream with the other kids of the Justice Guardians. That dream takes the kids to the Halloween Land part of the Dream Realm where they end up in a haunted mansion. The door is locked and they must figure out three different ways of getting out with the help of Skeleton or they may never wake up again.



"Enter If You Dare"

  • (Bruce opens his eyes and finds himself in a thick fog)
  • Baby Bruce: ...H-h-hwello?
  • (Tammy appears in the fog)
  • Tammy: Hello?! Is someone there?!
  • Baby Bruce: Tammy! *crawls to her*
  • Tammy: ...! Bruce?! Oh thank goodness it's you!
  • Baby Bruce: *hugs her*
  • Tammy: *purrs gently*
  • Baby Bruce: Where are we...?
  • Tammy: I.... I don't know. The last thing I remember was falling asleep in your big sister's arms in bed.
  • Xion's voice: Tammy? DJ? Bruce?
  • Tammy: *ears rise* ...!!! Xion!!! Over here, big sister!!!
  • Toothless: *growl calling*
  • Xion: *hears Tammy* Tammy! Keep talking!
  • Tammy: ...!! I heard Toothless too! Guys!! Follow my voice!!!
  • Xion: I'm coming!
  • Tammy: ...! I see you, Xion!!!
  • Toothless: *Blast the Plasma Blast of the Fog and found them and runs to them*
  • Xion: *runs to them too* Tammy! Bruce! Toothless!
  • Tammy: *rubs her leg against Xion's leg and purrs*
  • Xion: *hugs her and Baby Bruce* Thank goodness...
  • Baby Bruce: I'm scawed, Xion.... whewe are we...?
  • Xion: I don't know, but let's stay together.
  • DJ's voice: Guys?!
  • Tammy: ...!! DJ?!? You're here too?!?
  • DJ: Tell us where you are!
  • Baby Bruce: ....? "Us"?!
  • DJ: Me, Snowflake and Lily!
  • Xion: We're over here guys!!!!
  • DJ: *appears through the fog with Baby Lily riding him* There they are!
  • Snowflake: I almost had a panic attack from ending up in this thick fog!
  • Xion: *hugs them* You guys okay?
  • DJ: We are now.
  • Baby Lily: *hugs Xion too and looks ready to cry*
  • Toothless: *Hugs Them*
  • Xion: *smiles as she picks her up* Hey. It's okay, Lily. I'm here.
  • Baby Lily: I'm scawed Cousin Xion.... what's going on....?
  • Xion: I don't know...

Shrinking Soup

  • (Xion and everyone else arrive in the kitchen)
  • Xion: All right.
  • Baby Lily: Skeweton? We're hewe!
  • Sweetie Belle: She's here somewhere.
  • (Skeleton comes out and holds out a folder)
  • Skeleton: You found everything you need to make Shrinking Soup! Yum!
  • Baby Bruce: Now what?
  • Skeleton: *passes the recipe to Xion* Here's the recipe you need to make my favorite meal. Follow it correctly, and it won't be a big deal.
  • Xion: *nods* Got it.
  • Baby Lily: Can we hewp Cousin Xion? Pwease?
  • Xion: *smiles* Sure.
  • Tammy: *hops on the counter* We're ready when you are!
  • Xion: *reads the recipe* Into the pot, six ingredients will go. First pour in four eyes stacked in a row.
  • DJ: *hops onto a shelf and sees a jar with four eyes* There it is.
  • Xion: *smiles* Toss it down, DJ. Please.
  • DJ: *smiles* Heads up. *tosses it to Xion*
  • Xion: *catches it, opens the jar and pours the eyes into the pot*
  • Apple Bloom: Okay. "Four eyes stacked in a row". Check. What's next?
  • Xion: *reads the recipe* Look to the left of the pickled snake. Take that red bottle and give it a shake.
  • Baby Lily: *sees it and reaches for it*
  • DJ: Careful now, Lily!
  • Baby Lily: If only big sistew Midna was here...
  • Sweetie Belle: Allow me, Lily. *uses her magic to get the bottle and hands it to Baby Lily*
  • (Then Baby Lily shook the red bottle)
  • Xion: *smiles* Good job Lily. I'm ready to pour it into the pot now.
  • Baby Lily: *smiles cutely as she gives the bottle to Xion*
  • Xion: *pours it's contents into the pot*
  • Tammy: Four eyes? Check. Red bottle? Check.
  • Xion: *read the recipe* "Now you must measure precisely, a one pound egg will do nicely."
  • Snowflake: Let's see...where can it be?
  • Tammy: *looks on the shelves* .................. Oh! Maybe it's this egg! *points to an egg weighed on a scale*
  • Xion: That'll work!
  • Tammy: *gently rolls the egg over to Xion* It sure is heavy to be a pound!
  • DJ: Must have came from a big chicken.
  • Xion: *takes the egg, cracks it open and the yolk falls into the pot*
  • Baby Bruce: *smiles* Now what?
  • Xion: *reads the recipe* "To give this soup shrinking power, sprinkle in a bit of flower."
  • DJ: Doesn't it mean flour?
  • Snowflake: No. Look. *points to a jar of flower*
  • Baby Bruce: *chuckles* Smawt choice of words! *crawls over to it and passes it down to Xion gently*
  • Xion: *smiles* Thanks, Bruce. *adds the bit of flower into the pot*
  • Apple Bloom: I'm almost afraid to taste this soup once it's done....
  • Sweetie Belle: Me too...
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